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Truthfinder is a background check service that lets you find truth about the people around you. The website platform allows you to search various information including dark web scan, relationships, public records, people search and much more. This enhanced data can be crucial sometime to make important personal decisions.

Top TruthFinder Alternatives
  • Spokeo
  • PeopleFinders
  • PeopleLooker
  • BeenVerified
  • US Search
  • 411
  • Intelius
  • Zaba Search
  • Anywho
  • pipl
  • That's Them
  • Instant Checkmate
  • Peek You
  • Truth Finder
  • eVerify
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Top TruthFinder Alternatives and Overview



Spokeo is a personal search engine and background checking platform that can be used to search people by their names, email address, phone number, username, or physical address.

By: Spokeo, Inc. From USA


PeopleFinders is a background check application that is used to check if someone has a criminal record or to find out about someone’s past or more.

By: From USA


Get online background report for people from; You can reverse search by Names, Phone Numbers, Address, Relatives, Friends, and much more.

By: PeopleLooker LLC,


BeenVerified is an online background check platform that allows users to find anyone online using their name, phone number, email or address.

By: BeenVerified Inc. From USA

US Search

US Search online people directory is there to help you find information about people, perform background checks, and access public records of others.

By: inome, inc. From USA

411 provides white pages information, which allows you to search people online and perform phone search, address search, business search, and background checks.



The tool can be used to make a thorough search for criminal records, property records...

By: Intelius, Inc From USA
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Zaba Search

You can search people by name or search by phone number...



You can find any contact information based on the full name and location of the...



This platform is designed for business users that want to perform people search, use the...

By: Pipl
Based on 12 Votes

That's Them

It provides a robust people search engine that you can use anytime for free...


Instant Checkmate

The online platform can be used by anyone to check someone’s records against police databases...

By: Instant Checkmate, Inc From USA
Based on 18 Votes

Peek You

You can find the information about anyone by entering their full name, username, or phone...


Truth Finder

It is connected with the police records, so you can get the detailed information about...



It can give comprehensive reports with detailed information about social media profiles & data, criminal...

By: From USA

TruthFinder Review and Overview

TruthFinder is one of the US’s most loved and acknowledged background verification firm. They have served millions of citizens by helping them to reconnect with their loved ones. Their service additionally allows individuals to check criminal records as well. TruthFinder analyzes accessible public data, social media information, and more to give you a trusted record about the individual you are looking for.

Verify online profiles, address history, contact data, criminal data, and much more in just one click. TruthFinder creates extensive reports with data sourced from government databases from states and provinces. That implies you can find anybody in the United States!

Reverse Data Search

A Reverse data search on the phone can promptly identify any caller. It incorporates potential photos and social media accounts. When you find who the owner is, you can become familiar with the guest with online historical verification. This historical report incorporates criminal data, addresses, and significantly more that you won't find in a telephone directory.

Deeper Search

TruthFinder even searches from the Deep web to reveal data that ordinary websites can't discover. An in-depth search report may incorporate data like a birth record, possible family members, potential partners, companions, flatmates, contact data, criminal data, education & job background, traffic records, social media details, dating history, personal property and much more.

Mobile Version

With a portable mobile application, you can take TruthFinder with you any place you go. Whenever you meet somebody at a restaurant, bar, hotel, club, or on the road, you won't need to wait until you are close to a PC to see whether they are important to you in your life. Search from your mobile app within seconds.

TruthFinder can be your genuine friends in this modern era. It can quickly help you to identify the unknown as well as stay alert from mysterious personalities.

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