DNS Management Services

DNS management is tricky. One single mistake can put a website or entire network down for a period. The main benefit of this service is the ability to make name server available across multiple location around the world and to protect possible outages. Apart from that user can have more control over their domain name servers with improved security againsts DNS Server attacks.


DNS Made Easy

DNS Made Easy provides enterprise DNS solutions with fast, secure, and reliable global DNS network.

By: Tiggee LLC From USA
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CloudFlare offers global authoritative DNS, which provides global coverage, instant DNS updates, built-in security, and powerful functionality.

By: CloudFlare, Inc. From USA
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No-IP provides a managed DNS service with 100% uptime guarantee. It features...

By: Vitalwerks Internet Solutions, LLC From USA

Google DNS

Google DNS offers a highly available DNS, which is scalable and easy to manage.

By: Google Inc. From USA


Anycast for AWS will offers multiple AWS regions and transit provider connections to globally load balance internet traffic, improvise app or site availability and create fast failover, while also maintaining IP addresses and keeping sessions active.

By: Datapath.io From Germany


Akamai provides a fast DNS solution, which helps to improve DNS response, improve the availability of DNS services, protect from DDoS attacks, and prevent DNS forgery.

By: Akamai Technologies, Inc. From USA
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Dyn provides fast managed DNS service, with high level of security and reliability.

By: Dynamic Network Services, Inc. From USA


Verisign provides global DNS hosting service with a 100% Service Level Agreement (SLA).

By: VeriSign, Inc. From USA
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Incapsula provides maximum name server protection from DDoS attacks, with always-on deployment.

By: Incapsula, Inc. From USA
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Amazon Route 53

Amazon Route 53 is a DNS service that is fully scalable and highly available.

By: Amazon Web Services, Inc. From USA
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EasyDNS provides managed DNS hosting solution that gives full control for each of your DNS records.

By: EasyDNS Technologies Inc. From Canada
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NSONE provides a precise control for your website traffic with DNS customization features.

By: NSONE Inc. From USA


DNSimple offers a worry-free DNS with simple domain management. It features domain...

By: Aetrion LLC. From USA
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ClouDNS features free DNS hosting, 100% uptime, web redirects, simple web interface, SSL encryption, DNS statistics, mail forward, and more.

By: Cloud DNS Ltd From Bulgaria
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CDNetworks offers managed cloud-based DNS service designed specifically to boost web performance for enterprise websites.

By: CDNetworks Inc. From USA
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ZoneEdit provides managed DNS service that offers a complete control for your DNS.

By: easyZone Acquisition Corp. From Canada


PointDNS is a fully-managed DNS solution that offers high performance, reliability, and affordability.

By: Cogneto.io From Ireland

GoDaddy Premium DNS

GoDaddy Premium DNS ensures that your website is always online and secure.

By: GoDaddy Operating Company, LLC. From USA
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DNS Park

DNS Park provides primary and secondary DNS hosting with fast and reliable service.

By: DNS Park, LLC. From USA


BuddyNS provides fast, reliable, and consistent DNS for your website. It features...

By: FrontDam GmbH From Switzerland

Neustar UltraDNS

Neustar UltraDNS provides managed DNS designed to keep your online business running smoothly.

By: Neustar, Inc. From USA


CloudFloorDNS provides DNS hosting, domain registration, and domain management services with immediate updates and innovative features.

By: CloudFloor DNS SMB DNS Plus From UK


Zerigo provides an affordable managed DNS service that offers a free account with limited records.

By: Zerigo, Inc. From USA


EntryDNS allows total control of your domains and records, and it provides various benefits, such as website hosting, domain name access to your computer, dynamic IP usage, and more.

By: EntryDNS.net From UK


LiquiDNS offers managed DNS platform designed specifically for professionals, with global traffic manager feature.

By: Treestle B.V. From The Netherlands

TotalUptime Cloud DNS

Total Uptime provides managed DNS service with DNS failover, which allows complete control and maximum uptime for your DNS.

By: Total Uptime Technologies LLC From USA

DNS Hosting Service Buying Guide

If you are doing business online, you need to keep your web properties, such as websites and web applications, in a top-notch performance. There are a lot of ways to increase the performance of your website and ensure that your users don't experience any interrupted service from you. One of the best ways to do that is to use a managed DNS service that allows you to use custom DNS for your domains. Why does it matter? That's because custom DNS can provide the best quality of performance for your web properties, as well as adding more security and privacy features that may not be offered by your web hosting company.

Why DNS Hosting?

By using a hosted DNS service that is separate from your main web hosting service, you don't need to rely fully with your web hosting company for the best performance of your website. This is especially true if you are using a shared hosting service, or a web hosting service that doesn't provide the full control for your DNS. When you use a DNS management service, you can manage and control your DNS more easily. This way, you can ensure that your domains are safe under your full control, instead of being controlled by your web hosting company.

Better DNS Controls

Domain names are important for your business, as they are profitable web assets that you don't want to lose. Managing those assets for yourself is important because it means smoother and more stable business for you, and better experience for your users. Using a good DNS management service can help you to change the settings of your domain-related resources, which provide greater support for your overall business. Among many available DNS management services, how can you pick the best one? Here are some tips you can follow to pick the best DNS management service for your business.

Security and Privacy

What are the security and privacy features that are provided by the DNS management service? This is the first question that you need to ask before choosing a good DNS management service. The standard security features that should be offered by the service are hacker protection, DDoS protection, HTTPS connection, 2-factor authentication, and disaster protection. Moreover, it should offer WHOIS information protection for your privacy. With the combination of various security and privacy features, you can get the best DNS quality for your domains, and keep your business running smoothly without interruption from any third-party. Choosing the service that offers the best combination of security and privacy features is the best way to go.

Monthly Query

Monthly query is highly related with the traffic that you receive. Many domain name server service providers are limiting their DNS query to a certain amount per month. If you exceed the amount of monthly query for your domain name server , you may experience service interruption and the service may ask you to upgrade your plan. If you don't do this, your domains cannot reach your DNS, which means that your users cannot access any of your web properties. However, some DNS service providers are providing unlimited monthly queries for your DNS, which means that you don't need to worry about your web service being interrupted due to the query limit. Thus, it is better if you choose the service that offers unlimited monthly query for your DNS, though you may need to pay more for the service.

DNS Performance

This is the most important aspect that you need to consider before choosing any DNS management service. The one that offers 100% uptime guarantee is better for you in the long run, because the service that provides such a guarantee can ensure that you don't experience any unexpected downtime. While 98% or 99% uptime guarantee is already good enough for you, it is better for you to find the perfect service that offers the full uptime guarantee for all of your web properties. Also, you should find out whether the service offers secondary and tertiary DNS, because this feature can be proven useful at the time when you experience unexpected downtime, in which the service can restore back the access of your web properties using the secondary or tertiary DNS.


Choosing a good domain name server hosting service for your business might not be a simple thing to do, considering many available DNS management services out there. But, generally, you can pick one of the best domain name server management services by looking at three aspects. First, you should ensure that the service can provide the best combination of security and privacy features for your domains. Second, you need to ensure that the service can provide unlimited monthly DNS queries. And third, you need to choose the service that offers 100% uptime guarantee to ensure the best performance of your web properties.