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By: easyZone Acquisition Corp. From Canada

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ZoneEdit is an advanced DNS management service provided by easyZone Acquisition Corp., a company founded in 1995 and based in Vancouver, Washington, USA. The focus of this company is to provide various DNS services for businesses, as well as various emails and internet-related applications. The managed DNS service provided by ZoneEdit use credit-based system that allows you to use any DNS features that they offer in exchange of credit that you have to purchase on a regular basis.

Tertiary DNS

Not all DNS management services provide a tertiary DNS feature, since they mostly provide only a secondary DNS feature for their users. ZoneEdit, on the other hand, provides a tertiary DNS feature that ensures no service interruption. The uptime guarantee is 99.9999%. So, if your primary DNS or secondary DNS are in trouble, the tertiary DNS system can ensure that your domain is always online and accessible. Tertiary DNS are important, especially in the time when your DNS are being attacked with DDoS, in which the tertiary DNS can be used to resolve the issue immediately without affecting your web services.

Dynamic DNS

Whereas your internet service providers may change your IP address regularly, you can keep your DNS pointing to the same IP address when using a dynamic DNS service. ZoneEdit provides a dynamic DNS feature for various uses, including setting up a new VPN service at home, building a home server to host your own website, set up a new security webcam system at home, and more. You can use your existing domain names with this feature, or you can purchase a new domain name and point the DNS to the ones provided by ZoneEdit.

Web and Mail Forwarding

With ZoneEdit, forwarding your web and email address is an easy process. This service supports a URL forwarding option that you can set up to forward any traffic that comes to your URL into a new URL, so that your visitors can be redirected instantly to the designated URL. This service is provided for free with your managed DNS plan. The mail forwarding option allows you to forward your email address to the existing email address that you already have. This can help you to simplify the email-checking process in your business, since you can use many email addresses that forward all the messages to one primary email address.

Web Parking

The web parking feature provided by ZoneEdit allows you to park your existing domains and display the parked page in the way that you want it. For instance, you can put a page that tells the visitors that your domain is for sale, or you can tell the visitors that your website is still under construction. This feature is available for free, with various customizable options to add to your parked pages, including page title, meta information, and text content.

Backup MX

The backup MX feature can be used to back up your important email messages when you are using your own server to host your email address. The purpose of this feature is to help restore your messages in time when you experience downtime on your mail server. When your mail server is down, the backed up messages can then be delivered immediately the next time you restore your mail server.


With credit-based pricing system, ZoneEdit gives you the flexibility to choose the features that you want to use with its DNS management service. The tertiary DNS provides extra protection in case of downtime in your primary and secondary DNS servers, which gives the overall uptime guarantee of 99.9999%. The web and mail forwarding features allow you to forward your URL and email messages to another web address and email address that you choose. Also, the backup MX feature allows you to ensure that all important emails are delivered to your inbox, even in the moment when your mail server is down.

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