Knowledge Base Software

Finding the right information at the right time is not an easy task, especially for new employees and customers of the organization. Knowledge base software is used to help companies create and manage a well-organized information and knowledge base for their customers and staff. The software is widely used by customer care services for instant access to updated and accurate information to help customers with their queries. It can also be used to offer self-service options to customers and business employees.

We have enlisted here some of the most popular Knowledge Base Software applications.



Documents360 is a powerful document-creation tool that capitalizes on its online nature and competitive pricing plans.

By: Kovai Ltd From UK
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Bloomfire specializes in employee knowledge base tools to help businesses organize their information and content and make it accessible to employees and people as and when they need it.

By: Bloomfire, Inc. From USA
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RightAnswers is an enterprise knowledge hub designed to provide all information and content at a single place to avoid searching too many sources for knowledge.

By: RightAnswers, Inc. From USA


Helpjuice knowledge base software is used by companies and businesses to reduce support emails and create more happy customers.

By: Helpjuice Inc. From USA
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ScreenSteps is a knowledge base system that helps B2B companies build and manage proper suite of customer support documentation that can be easily accessed by visitors, clients and customers.

By: Blue Mango Learning Systems, LLC From USA
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KnowledgeOwl is fully customizable and powerful online knowledge base software used to share information with employees and customers.

By: Silly Moose Software, LLC From USA
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Safeharbor is a powerful, SaaS based knowledge software platform used for effective knowledge management and sharing.

By: Safeharbor Knowledge Solutions From USA


Magentrix specializes in building self-service portals and websites that can provide helpful information and guide to users and customers of the organization.

By: Corporation From Canada

Support Hero

Support Hero is a knowledge base system mainly used to offer self-help and customer support to app users.

By: Support Hero From France
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nanorep is knowledge base tool designed to help customers with the right information and guided channel while visiting a website or using an application.

By: nanorep Technologies LTD From Israel

Self Service Center

Self Service Center from PhaseWare is a complete knowledge management and customer help solution that offers a number of services, including incident and ticket submission, FAQs, forums and information, knowledge base, and notification system.

By: PhaseWare, inc. From USA


Helppier is a simple knowledge management system that can be used to create step-by-step user manuals, tutorials and guides for any website or web application.

From Portugal


PHPKB is knowledge software used by companies to create an organized knowledge base to help customers and staff employees with the right information, FAQs, documents and training material at the right time.

By: Chadha Software Technologies From India
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Crowdbase is a knowledge management application that allows organizations to create an engaging knowledge base of ideas, information and expertise.

By: Crowdbase Inc. From Canada


KBPublisher is a knowledge based platform that allows organizations to share critical and meaningful information with their employees, partners and customers.

By: Double Jade LLC
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Spiceworks Knowledge Base

Spiceworks Knowledge Base is free IT knowledge base software for companies and individuals.

By: Spiceworks Inc. From USA

Novo Knowledge Base Software

Novo Knowledge Base Software is an affordable, web based knowledge management solution that allows businesses to quickly capture and gather information from multiple sources, store it on a single platform, and easily share it with users.

By: Novo Solutions, Inc. From USA
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UserDesk Guides

Guides from UserDesk is a fully customizable knowledge base for websites and web applications.

By: UserDeck From USA


Leafdock is a knowledge management app for teams. It is a place...

By: Leafdock From Czech Republic

Parature Knowledge

Parature Knowledge CRM software is used to empower employees with the right tools to deliver more efficient and accurate customer service every time.

By: Parature, Inc. From USA

Knova KM

Knova KM is knowledge management software used by companies to solve customer issues and queries faster and with more accuracy.

By: Aptean From USA

Moxie Knowledgebase

Moxie Knowledgebase is a complete knowledge management solution for organization employees and customers.

By: Moxie Software, Inc. From USA

ProProfs Knowledge

ProProfs Knowledge is online software used to easily create online user guides, FAQs and other support documentation for effective customer service.

By: Batia Infotech From USA

Customer service has taken centre stage in the modern-day world. A business or a brand that offers an excellent customer experience is valued by customers and gains cult following over time. The most important part of customer experience is the post-purchase experience, and this is where many businesses go wrong. The key today is to be present on multiple channels and offer various service options to the users. While the need for an active customer support team that functions continuously cannot be denied, there is also a need to develop a self-help guide for customers that want to help themselves. The self-help guides are an ideal tool for customers who would like to resolve the problem themselves.

How can developing a knowledge base help?

And additionally, not all customer queries require attention from the customer support team and can be resolved by the customer themselves. Apart from saving customer’s time, these self-help guides also save the support team’s time. They help the support team save time as well as resources that can further be used to serve other customers. The software tools that are used to develop these self-help guides are known as knowledge base software. These knowledge base software tools enable businesses to set up self-help guides more commonly known as the knowledge base and further smoothen the customer experience.

What do the digital knowledge base tools have to offer?

The knowledge base software tools come with features that enable users to prepare their documentation and self-help guides in accordance with their product or service and align it with the viewing pattern on their customers. Additionally, these tools enable users to provide access to their documentation from various devices, and this is something that goes a long way in improving the overall customer experience. Apart from improving the customer experience, these tools also come in handy while developing the SEO strategy. Well designed and established knowledge bases improve the SERP rankings significantly and act as a facilitator in increasing the organic traffic to the website.

Advanced customization and branding

The other point worth mentioning is that these software tools with various organization and navigation options that enable users to design and sort their content according to their likes. Additionally, the tools also suggest certain navigation options based on the type of product or service. Apart from these, the knowledge base software tools come equipped with advanced customization and branding features that help the users add a layer of authenticity to their DIY guides.

What lies ahead?

The idea of developing a knowledge base for customer service has come a long way in the last two decades. From those long, uninteresting product manuals to an intuitive digital knowledge base is, the transformation has been quite stark. It is a change that has improved the overall customer experience across categories and has been welcomed by everyone. However, what remains to be seen is the changes that will take place now, given that we are already at the threshold of another digital transformation. The knowledge base development will again have to go through a transformation of sorts, given the rapid emergence of smart home devices.