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Every one of us loves to browse through our old memories as they never fail to bring back the sheer joy and flashbacks we went through. While making memories isn’t tough today, thanks to the advancement in mobile phone technologies. Photos are just more than memories today, and a good edit on them can help you with your profession, building portfolio, and a great social image. This is where Photo Editor Software come into play.


Luminar is an artificial intelligence (AI) enabled photo editing software. The software...

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Pixlr Editor

Pixlr Editor is the modern-day photo editing tool used by businesses all over the world.

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BeFunky is an image editing tool that offers collage creation and graphic designing capabilities in addition to standard image editing features.

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Pixlr Express

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Capture One

Your hunt for a quality Imaging software ends here. Explore Products from...

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Looking for quality photo editing software online? Consider options using software from Aviary offering plethora of cool features to enhance photos.



PicResize is an advanced photograph editing software that is primarily aimed at helping its users to edit and make effective changes to their photographs, without having to hamper the overall quality of the picture.

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Invest in the right Photo editor software offering a platform for professionals and newbies to edit photos.

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Affinity Photo

Create standout photos or images using a professional editing software from Affinity Photo.

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Portrait Professional

Discover the best photo editing software online. The software offers intuitive and...

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Sumo Paint

Manipulate images the way you want. Invest in the right Photo editing...

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On1 Photo Raw

Download a high-quality photo editor from On1, that can truly be an alternative to Photoshop.

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Skylum Luminar

Invest in a quality Photo editing software. The software offers powerful features...

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When it comes to producing quality photos or images, consider Pixeltz software.

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Topaz Studio

Make a lightning fast edit to images using photo editing software from Topaz studio.

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DXO Photolab

Create quality photo using an efficient photo editing software from DXO Photolab.

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Aurora HDR

Edit amazing photos using an award-winning HRD software from Aurora. The software...

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Aftershot Pro

Enhance your pictures to a great extent by using quality photo editing software from Aftershot Pro.

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InPixio Photo Suite

InPixio Photo Suite enables users to edit photos using a suite of products.

By: Avanquest Software.

There are tons of Photo Editing Software available for users today, and in that case, it becomes necessary that they pick up the perfect one for their requirements. But how do they know about the requirements? How the software can be classified and what are the popular ones. Stay tuned because we are going to break and explain everything as you scroll. We’ll attempt to explain Photo Editing software by dividing them into two categories – Basic Photo Editing Software and Advanced Photo Editing Software. Basic ones are the applications that can be used by a layman and don’t involve minor complexities, while Advanced ones require precise control and expertise. Let’s get started –

Basic Photo Editing software

Basic Photo Editing software include most of the phone apps on the Play Store or App Store that we come across. These focus on providing users with an interface that’s easy to use and allows them to produce outstanding results. They have a handful of editing features like basic crop, temperature, ambiance, saturation, highlights, exposure, and double exposure customizations, etc. Most of these features can be learned by testing or through normal reading, and these are the perfect choice for you if you are looking for adding some glamor to the photo you are about to post on that social media platform. Most of these software are popular due to Auto-correct and Filter features.

Auto-correct, as the name says, enhances the image by analyzing it through AI and then amplifying the missing characteristics, while the Filters, on the other hand, are a set of customizations saved as preset that can be directly applied on an image to give it the desired color and effect. A good number of them also have a photo library feature that allows users to access and view their collection of photos easily, allowing them to use it as a Gallery application as well. For the majority of the cases, the size of these software isn’t large, and users can easily get most features for free.

Advanced Photo Editing software

Advanced Photo Editing software is where the real photo editing game begins. The professionals in the industry mostly use these software for graphic designing, home designing, creating advertisements and banners, conducting professional photo shoots, etc. They are equipped with features like layer masking, trimming the subject out of the picture, changing the background, color grading, changing resolution, and even tweaking with the smallest elements in the photograph. These software are mostly available on desktops, but with growing technology, it’s not hard to see some of their features available on mobile applications now.

In most cases, these software are huge in size and require users to be trained in them to extract the best results. When it comes to having the gallery, these software usually don’t have any such feature, and therefore users should not use them if they are expecting a photo library interface. Moreover, they are not free to use and requires users to get the licensed version in order to avail all the features.


Do Photo Editing apps affect the actual resolution of the photo or degrade its quality?

Ans. This depends on the software being used. Many basic photo editing software do reduce the photo quality at times, but in most cases, users get the ability to decide how the output is going to be. Nonetheless, no photo editing software deteriorates a photo to a level that it cannot be utilized on social media. In case users feel that a photo isn’t good on a particular platform, it’s the platform’s compression problem.

Can we utilize basic and advanced photo editing software in conjunction so that we get a filter of our choice while also having a perfectly edited image?

Ans. Although all Advanced Photo Editing software can replicate all that a basic software does, it can be hard to create filter preset for novice users. In that case, they can take the support of basic software to apply a filter on the image, and then save and utilize it on Advanced software to correct other issues.

Can an Advanced Editing software be used for all of the mentioned tasks like Graphic Design, Home Design, etc.?

Ans. While Advanced Photo Editing software are indeed equipped with all the photo editing tools, photo editing is just a subset of design, and therefore it is usually recommended to have design software and packages if a user wishes to pursue the profession in the same. A prime example of this can be witnessed in the case of Adobe that provides top-notch photo editing software but also has a separate designing software.