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Acronis True Image is a revolutionary backup application which is capable of creating a full image backup of any system, data or drive. It can create fast backups and restore to/from any local or cloud storage. The software is available in different versions and supports all the leading operating systems including Windows, Apple iOS, Mac, and also Android. Whether you need to take a backup of the entire operating system, any specific file, folder, program, settings, or boot information, Acronis True Image can do the job for you.

This software is even capable of taking full backups of your Android/iOS phones and tablets and can remotely restore anytime, from anywhere. In addition, it also extends its backup assistance to the social media website Facebook. It allows you to take regular automatic backups of your Facebook profile and data.

Acronis True Image software is available in different versions including a trial version. The software also comes integrated with the cloud support and storage, allowing you to save backup files on the cloud without having to pay an additional fee. Let’s have a look at some of the best features of this backup software.

Full Image Backup

This is probably the most notable feature of the Acronis True Image software. The application is capable of creating a full image replica of your entire disk or any partition with just one click. The image can then be used for fast recovery of the system. It can even back up selected folders or files when you don’t need to backup everything on the system.

All the backup operations run in the background without causing any interruptions to the person currently using the system. It also comes with the backup scheduling option that lets you schedule as many weekly and daily backups as needed. Since the process runs in the background, you won’t even realize when your system backups are created and stored automatically to a predefined secure location. The software enables military-grade AES-256 encryption for all backup files, irrespective of the platform where they are stored.

Powerful Recovery Options

Acronis True Image saves your backup files to your selected storage from where it can be easily restored anytime. The software can recover almost anything, any file or folder, and even the content of a mobile device. It also provides remote backup and restore facility.

Some other powerful recovery options include recovery from multiple sources, recovery of the backup on a new system, partition resizing during recovery, etc. It allows a fast and extensive search of the backups to find and recover only the file that you need now, instead of having to recover the entire backup.

Social Backup and Recovery

This is a unique feature that you are not likely to find in many other backup programs. With Acronis True Image, you no longer have to worry about accidentally losing Facebook data, deletion of photos, etc. The software can automatically back up your Facebook profile and store it to a safe location. Instead of saving the whole news feed every time, it only backs up the changes in the feed and only new photos to save space.

All the backup files are stored in your selected storage media from where they can be recovered to the same or any other Facebook account when needed.

Cloud Backup Features

Acronis Cloud Storage enables you to create and save backups of your computer and mobile devices to a fully secured cloud. It provides dual protection to ensure high-level safety of the data. Cloud is accessible from anywhere, anytime, so that you can create and manage backups and recover remotely. The software makes use of the latest multi-stream, multi-threaded data upload technology to ensure fast cloud back and recovery.

Mobile Backup and Recovery

Not many backup programs provide mobile device backup and recovery features; Acronis True Image does. Acronis can protect any number of files, images, videos, contacts, calendar reminders, notes and appointments on your mobile device by creating regular automatic backups on another system. It also allows you to browse and back up your mobile device data to your computer over the same Wi-Fi network. Mobile device backups can also be saved to the Acronis Cloud Storage. Other mobile features include multiple mobile devices backup to the same computer, recovery of a single file, migration from iOS to Android and vice-versa, SD card backup, and much more.

Some other features of the Acronis True Image software include automatic compression of backup file, disk cloning, touch-enabled UI, browser accessible dashboard, disk eraser, automatic backup deletion, backup validation, splitting, ransomware attack protection, etc.


Acronis True Image is a perfect backup and recovery software for any personal or professional backup needs. It can successfully create a backup of any large file, folder or the entire system, and saves the backup file to a local system or very secure cloud storage. It can take backups of mobile devices and even Facebook data. Acronis True Image has proven to be a reliable backup tool capable of recovering almost 100% of the lost data.

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