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By: Aimersoft Studio.

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Aimersoft DVD Copy is a DVD backup software provided by Aimersoft Studio, a software development company founded in 2007 and based in London, UK. The company’s goal is to provide the best satisfaction for the users’ multimedia needs. The software released by the company includes DVD tools, DRM tools, video tools, and YouTube tools.

Remove DVD Protection Quickly

Aimersoft DVD Copy is capable of removing any DVD protection system, such as RC, RCE, and DVD CSS, quickly and easily. In this way, you can back up any original DVD that you have purchased from the retailers anywhere in the world. The backup copy can then be played on any DVD player that you have, regardless of the region code. The DRM removal process itself is done very quickly, and you don’t need to deal with annoying notifications when you try to back up your DVD content. With this feature, all types of DVD discs are compatible with this software.

Copy Disc Content With 1:1 Output Quality

DVD content is known to have a good video and audio quality, and often, DVD movies can support up to 5.1 channel audio that provides high-fidelity audio during movie playback. Since this software doesn’t reduce the quality of the backup copy, you don’t need to worry about the output quality that you get. Your disc is copied with 1:1 output quality, which means that your backup is going to have the same quality as the original disc. When you play the backup content on your DVD or PC, you get the same experience as playing the original DVD.

Compress And Split Disc Backup Content

DVD 9 discs have double the storage space of the regular discs. Thus, when you have to back up a DVD 9 disc, you cannot simply copy the full content of the original DVD to a regular DVD disc. Aimersoft DVD Copy offers two backup solutions for this problem. First, you can compress the backup to a regular disc, and second, you can split the DVD 9 backup content into 2 regular DVD discs. When backing up the DVD 9 discs, you can transfer the files to two regular DVD discs, or one regular DVD disc with compressed quality.

Flexible Backup Copy Modes

There are multiple backup copy modes that you can choose in this software. So, it is not restricted to just back up your original DVD to another DVD disc. With this software, you can save your DVD folders in your hard drive, as well as create an ISO image file of your Disc. Aside from that, you can also backup only certain parts of your DVD, such as a particular chapter or title. You can also remove the DVD main menu or chapter select so that you can play the content directly. With this feature, you can personalize your backup DVD easily.

Simple And Easy-To-Use User Interface

This software has a very simple design, and the user interface is very easy to use. Backing up your DVD can be done in three steps: select source DVD, specify the output target, and start the copy process. There is no complicated menu or option that you need to choose before starting the backup operation. In this way, anyone can use this software with ease, even for beginners who never use this type of software before.


Aimersoft DVD Copy is a disc backup solution that can help you get the backup operation done quickly and effortlessly. The simple user interface makes it possible for you to backup your DVD in just a few clicks. With the availability for Windows and Mac platforms, more users are able to use this software in their machine and backup as many original DVD discs as they need. It is one of the best backup solutions that you can have on your system, since it supports various backup copy modes, with lossless output quality that preserves the quality of the original DVD.

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