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Aimersoft Video Converter Review

By: Aimersoft Software Co., Ltd.

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If Video Converters have been at their best, it's now. With stiff competition from hundreds of other Video Converter providers, it is imperative that Video Converter developers bring something new, something exciting and an exclusive feature that is not present in current counterparts and will take the industry by a storm.

A little, marginal flaws that make almost no impact to the working of the software, the Aimersoft Video Convertor is a sure shot success. At the current cost, it's cheap and wonderful; and not to forget, it's both Windows and Apple Mac compatible! The software works smoothly with almost all Windows versions including Windows 7, 8, 10.0 and the newer ones.

Exactly what Aimersoft Video Converter has aimed to do and struck gold, the latest version of the software is affordable at 49 US Dollars and is available for both Windows functioning and Apple Mac Operating System; which is what makes the software stand out even more. The software offers a lot of additional features to just plain video and audio conversion and stands apart, impeccably well.

Speedy conversions

Speedy conversions and less wastage of time are what most Video Converter developers are aiming for these days, and Aimersoft Video Converter does not disappoint either. With 30 times faster conversation speed, the consumer as the user will be able to save both time and money that would have been spending on hours of conversion. The Aimersoft Video Converter software uses a CUDA-enabled graphics card for this purpose which in turn ensures that there is no loss in quality of audio and video while converting the footage speedily.

Multiple Formats supported

The Aimersoft Video Converter has broken records and in the latest version, provides more than 250 video formats to choose form with brilliant output quality of the video. The perks of this software are not just limited to this; the Aimersoft Video Converter lets the user interchange audio video formats (MP4 to MP3) and even provides the facility to convert AVI format to iPhone and vice versa. What's more, the software supports footages from a range of devices that include a variety of cameras, Android supported mobile phones, Windows supported mobile phone, iPhones, Xbox and even the Samsung Gear VR!

The video and audio can be exported in hundreds of output formats that includes 3D, HD, standard video formats, web formats and even snapshot formats like JPEG and BMP.

Fast Conversion

The Aimersoft Video Convertor provides a range of tools that professional or amateur Editors might need. You have the provisions for editing the video in whatever way you please. You can merge videos, split them, cut them, slice them, set frame rate, control audio, and do much more. The user even has the option of setting the start and end time in the video and cutting it wherever preferred.

What makes Aimersoft stand out regarding video conversion is the way due attention has been given to the audio part. The audio is an equally important part of videos and Aimersoft Video Convertor has made sure that the user is provided with more than two or three ways to control, an edit of convert the audio. Little areas like audio bitrate, sample rate and audio codec have been paid attention to.

As the standard goes, you have a series of editing tools to control the picture and color quality of your video. Aimersoft Video Convertor, also provides the provision to add subtitles to your videos, add watermarks, add filters and play around a lot more!

DRM protection

Generally, when the user is working with iTunes when it comes to audio, there is a huge problem that Editors face where iTunes audios are DRM protected and you need to convert them from one format to other and then to some other format. Aimersoft Video Convertor lets go of the DRM protection feature from iTunes audios and lets you convert the iTunes in a single shot, without any problems.

Download videos

You can easily download videos from web portals like YouTube, Vimeo and Hulu and convert them to a more appropriate format so that it works on portable devices like mobile phones, music players, MP4 players and iPods. These downloaded videos can also be edited easily.

Ease of use

The interface of the software is bold, simple and hassle-free. There are no unwanted drop-down menus or options that might crowd the screen. It's clean, neat and easy to use.


Aimersoft Video Converter is a video managing tool for those who want a big package of features in a small budget. The software is capable of converting almost all popular video and audio files, with no quality loss. It is a recommended tool for any kind of personal or business video conversion or editing. Go with the free trial if you don't feel like paying right away for the premium package.

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