Media Player Software

Try imaging a day when you can’t play music on your computer system or watch the movie that you had downloaded only yesterday, and all because you don’t have the right software. It seems like a far cry in today’s digital world, right? What saves us from the monotony of our days and enables us to watch movies or play songs from the comfort of our couch (or bed or floor!) is the media player software. It is an application software that plays multimedia computer files, can be audio, video, or even animation files.


iTunes by Apple is one of the most popular music and media application.

By: Apple Inc. From USA


Created by the XBMC Foundation, Kodi is an open source media player program compatible with Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, and iOS.

By: XBMC Foundation
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VLC Media Player

Known for its versatile nature, VLC Media Player by VideoLAN is one of the most widely used media player software.

By: VideoLAN From France


Available in more than 90 languages, BS.Player is one of the most widely used media player programs.

By: AB Team Ltd.


Integrated with the 3D viewing, POTplayer is a multimedia player application that features the enhanced H/W acceleration with CUDA, QuickSync, and DXVA technologies to offer the maximum performance without losing credibility.

By: Daum Communications Corp. From Korea

GOM Player

With the built-in Codec finder service, GOM Player is probably one of the most compatible media player applications out there.

By: Gretech Corp. From South Korea


Compatible with Windows and Android devices, AIMP is free audio player software that can play music in all popular formats.



DivX is a video player and converter program that can play high definition videos on PC, mobile phones, and TV sets.

By: DivX, LLC From USA


MPV is free, cross-platform media player software and encoder program for Windows, Linux, and Mac systems.



RealPlayer is a multimedia player software application for mobile and PCs that can be used to download, watch, and share videos.

By: RealNetworks, Inc. From USA


Designed with performance in mind, MPC HC is very lightweight media player software that can be used to play all standard audio and video files on Windows devices.



SMPlayer media player software is built to play video and audio files in multiple formats.

By: SourceForge Media, LLC From USA

CyberLink PowerDVD

PowerDVD by CyberLink is a media player program for PCs. The software...

By: CyberLink Corp. From Taiwan

JRiver Media Center

JRiver Media Center is an all-in-one media player program created to play audio, video, image, TV, YouTube, BluRay, and other media.

By: JRiver, Inc. From USA

Elmedia Player

Elmedia is a Mac compatible free media player application that is used to play movies, flash videos and other media files.

From Germany


Featured with some of the best jetAudio functions, jetVideo is a video player and converter program that can play almost all video formats, including DVD and Audio CD.

By: JetAudio, Inc.

AVS Media Player

AVS Media Player by is a media player application for Windows systems.

By: Online Media Technologies Ltd. From UK

Final Media Player

Final Media Player is a media player program that can play audio and video files in most formats.

By: Bitberry Software ApS From Denmark

VSO Media Player

VSO Media Player is a free audio video player application that can play songs, videos and movies from PC, the internet, DVD, Audio CD, etc.

From France

Splash Media Player

Splash is a video player and converter program by Mirillis Ltd.

By: Mirillis Ltd.

Macgo Media Player

Compatible with Mac devices, Macgo is a free media player program that can playback almost all media files and formats on any supported Apple device.

By: Macgo International Limited From Hong Kong

Although it is almost taken for granted that if you double-click on that media file, it sure is going to start playing, the file doesn’t play itself. It is the media player operating the playback. Indeed, it becomes unimaginable to lead our daily lives without some media player software.    

Media player for playing audio and video

At the heart of any media player lays its capability to play an audio or video file. Operating systems are mostly equipped with their default built-in media players, for instance, Windows Media Player for Windows, Quick Time Player for macOS. While their performance is excellent for your regular media files, they may not be fully equipped to play several file formats. You download it, and it doesn’t play when you double click, showing that the computer applications don’t support it. So, when you upgrade your media player, it needs to have the container formats and codecs to handle any select audio/video file. Most of the advanced players help to streamline the media loading, the listening, and the watching procedure. Some can transform 2D videos to 3D and are able enough to upscale your videos, sharpen quality, and do lighting corrections and even some stabilizations. Basic play features include buttons for play, stop, pause, backward, and forward and the list becomes longer with better players.   

Playing files from CDs and DVDs with library management

Of course, your computer will have some downloaded media files. But quite often, you’d also want to play files from your CD or DVD. Media players allow you to import and sometimes burn files into your disks. For the latter, you create a backup where you need not be connected to the internet while playing the files. So, now you can insert your disc and enjoy your favorite songs or watch the latest release you just got a DVD for, from the market. Besides, most media players would also let you create your own playlist. You can label them and keep them organized. So, next time you are reading something, and you’d want to listen to light music, you don’t have to continuously skip through songs to listen to the ones that you want to at the point of time. Other instances of library management also include editing song details like adding singer name, year of release, etc. and sometimes even lyrics.

Paid v/s free media player software

There are, of course, great free media players that don’t even require you to download additional codecs and plugins for extra features. The loading and streaming process is smooth, and they can even play 8D audio (for music players) and 360-degree videos (for video players). But they may not be capable of playing across multiple platforms and files of various formats. They may even fall short of advanced controls that are otherwise possible in a paid application. A couple of paid media players also come with their own library of videos, community attributes, ratings, and reviews area. Some may even allow you to download videos directly from Facebook and play them on your device. So, at the end of the day, whether you want a free application or paid one will depend on which platforms you use, what types of files you play, and how advanced you want your video watching or audio listening experience to be.