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Amazon Route 53 is a highly scalable DNS management web service provided by Amazon Web Services Inc., a company founded in 2006 and based in Seattle, Washington, USA. The focus of the company is to provide online infrastructure for businesses, which takes the form of web services. The Amazon Route 53 service is focused on providing a reliable, fast, accessible, and scalable DNS  managed service for businesses, which integrates with other tools in Amazon Web Services.

Latency-Based Routing

The latency-based routing is a system provided by Amazon Route 53 to ensure the best experience for your web visitors. This system allows your users to be routed based on the lowest possible latency for their access to your website. This feature helps to let you to give the best service for your global audience, while at the same the improving the performance of the web services that you have. Your audience gets a faster experience with your website, while on the other hand, you get more profits from the satisfied audience.

DNS Failover

This feature helps you to redirect your audience into the best performing servers in order to avoid site outage. When there are too many requests in your DNS, your site may experience temporary performance problem, and this DNS failover feature is designed to prevent that from happening. In this way, you can keep a good performance of your site and keep your visitors satisfied with what they get from you. If you are offering web applications to your users, this feature can keep high web availability for your users.

Health Checks and Monitoring

Health checks and monitoring feature provided by Amazon Route 53 allows you to keep your eyes on the performance of your web applications, servers, and other related resources. With this feature, you can spot any problem and resolve it immediately. It keeps your system running smoothly for your users, The sub-features that are provided in health checks and monitoring include string matching, fast interval, HTTPS, and latency measurement.

Private Hosted Zone

Amazon Route 53 provides private hosted zone, which is integrated with Virtual Private Cloud from Amazon. This feature allows you to set the options that control how you want to direct the traffic of your domains and sub-domains. This feature is only available for Amazon's Virtual Private Cloud, so it can only be applied when you use the VPC service from Amazon. Also, you cannot do a health check for your private hosted zone if you set the resources in the private hosted zone. The private hosted zone has higher priority over the public hosted zone, so it can give you various advantages when you use this feature.


Geo DNS is useful to help you balance the server load of your DNS, which means that it can help you to keep your system stable. This feature can also help you to localize the content offered in your web applications, so that you can personalize each visitor's experience with your web services. With this feature, you can easily manage your DNS server load, which you can set to work together with other routing types, such as DNS failover and latency-based routing.


Amazon Route 53 is a highly reliable and scalable DNS management service that is a part of Amazon Web Services, giving you the cost-effective solution for all of your web infrastructure. The DNS failover and latency routing features can help you to minimize the performance problem with your web applications, as well as ensure that your system is always stable. It also provides health check and monitoring feature, which allows you to check and monitor the performance of all resources that are connected with the Amazon Route 53 service.

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