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By: Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.

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Anvil Studio is a free music creation software created and developed by Willow Software, a software company founded in 1997. The company has been working to develop music-related software such as Anvil Studio for more than 20 years, and distribute the software as a freeware. Aside from allowing the users to compose and create songs easily, the software also allows the users to add various feature upgrades with pricing based on each feature.

Extensive Editor Features

The biggest advantage of Anvil Studio is that this software allows you to create songs with extensive editor features. With this software, you can do various editing to the songs that you make, such as staff editing, lyrics editing, percussion, piano roll, audio editing, events, and loops. There are so many ways to get creative with this music software, since it gives all the necessary tools for you to simply compose your songs and try various different ways to make it good. Though it’s a freeware, it doesn’t just give you the basic features related to your song creation. For instance, in the piano roll editor, you can create multi-level loops, import audio samples, support for any note duration, and edit the song while playing it.

Record, Compose, And Sequence Your Music Easily

This software is primarily a song creation software, so it is only natural that this software has a lot of MIDI and audio features available. With this software, you can record, compose, and sequence your music easily, with simple and easy-to-use interface and layout. You can use MIDI and audio equipment to record your music. You can also use MIDI and audio equipment to compose your music. However, you can only sequence your music using your MIDI equipment. Then, you can play the music with your computer and edit the music as necessary. Using the output format of MIDI and WAV, you can print the sheet note of your music using an optional accessory.

Various Audio-Related Features

With Anvil Studio, you can find various audio-related features to help you maximize your music editing process. The features include the ability to convert common audio formats, mix all tracks, configure your sound card, record audio tracks, and more. With this software, you can find various audio effects, such as native EQ, ulectX effects, and native reverb. It also offers various audio filters, such as reverse, pan, filtering, normalize, zero-range, and so on. Aside from the basic features, there are also various premium features that you can use to enhance the audio-related features of this software.

Various MIDI-Related Features

There are many MIDI-related features that are offered by this software as well, such as MIDI master or slave sequencing, unlimited MIDI tracks, highlighted piano keys, note recording from an external keyboard, copy and paste notes, and so on. As this software not only works with audio files, but with MIDI files as well, you can expect the software to offer various features in this aspect. The features are designed to make it easier for you to compose MIDI song in your music, and thus, give you more ways to edit your MIDI tracks. There is a feature called repair song that helps you to fix bad MIDI tracks effectively.

Optional Accessories Or Additional Premium Features

The freeware version of Anvil Studio offers the basic features that you can use to create your songs. However, there are optional accessories that you can add to the software as additional features. Each optional accessory has its own price tag, as well as the list of features that it offers. For instance, the Multi-Audio 1/8 accessory allows you to mix up to 8 tracks at the same time. The Music Drill accessory allows you to perform piano and voice training for your songs. The features that are offered by these accessories are not available in the basic version of the software.


If you have a difficulty in finding the right software to help you easily create songs, which offers various features, Anvil Studio is the right software that you can use. The list of features offered in the basic version alone should allow you to create and edit your songs in the most comprehensive and convenient way. Moreover, the additional accessories that you can install with the software can enhance the software capabilities even more. All in all, it’s one of the best freeware music creation tools that you can find today, and unless you want to spend a lot of money to purchase a premium music software, this freeware is a handy tool that you can use for your music creation projects.

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