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BaseCamp is a Chicago based project management platform which was founded in 1999 as 37Signals. The platform is one of the easy-to-use and modern cloud-based project management software that stands out with its extraordinary ability to allow management in real time. It is designed to cater to the needs of fresh freelance and virtual work environments wherein the employees and clients work from different parts of the globe. You can tap the complete power of distributed services without any difficulty in managing them through this effective tool.

Different Packages

There are four packages that differ in terms of projects, storage, and price. The least-priced pack offers 10 projects support, 3GB of storage, unlimited users, daily backups, and SSL data encryption. The other two packages in the row, along with the least-price pack offers, features 40 and 100 projects along with 15 and 40 GB space, respectively. Lastly, you can choose to have unlimited projects with 500GB space and pay by check option. You can start by subscribing to a 60-day trial offer.


Basecamp has all the options and tools for simplifying interaction and sharing resources. Some of the common functionalities include task and time allocation, project scheduling, performance monitoring, messaging, and real-time reporting; which make management a sound venture.

Distributed System Support

Distributed systems are designed to overcome the limitations of centralization in terms of cost and privacy. This is exactly one of the main features of Basecamp. It flawlessly brings all stakeholders in a centralized online place where they work independently yet collaboratively while enjoying freedom of space.

Team and Resource Management

Basecamp’s interface is so well organized such that it easily directs you to the right resources as well as people for interaction or other management activities. In fact, project and team management are two sides of the same coin here. You simply cannot move ahead in a project of multiple personnel without allocating them to interdependent teams.

The software simplifies the task of allocating project assignments as well as sharing of common assets such as files, specialized data, maps, folders, and instructions. Unlike other similar tools, Basecamp features an advanced collaboration approach that allows sharing, brainstorming, and giving feedback in real time.

For a team or project leader, the tool reveals all information about the team or project performance just like a report. The information you get includes calendar of events, to-do lists, attendance, task schedules, meetings, resource utilization.

Third Party Apps

Basecamp offers many third party apps to integrate other services with their platform. These apps range from time tracking, invoicing, accounting, charts, planning to customer service related services. There are also mobile and tablet applications for iOS and Android devices to manage projects on mobile.


Basecamp comes with multi-level rights and privileges to control access to people and resources for ensuring integrity. The tool also has Secure Server Layer (SSL) protocol and data encryption technology to keep hacking and phishing risks at bay. The data stored on their server are copied to multiple disks across the multiple datacenters. Also the backup data are encrypted using GPG (GNU Privacy Guard) for better security.


Basecamp is an online system that taps all the power of online collaboration without leaving aside the features of a desktop app. As a result, the app is much like the office in the Cloud.

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