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By: Comm100 Network Corporation From Canada

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Founded in July 2009, Comm100 is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. The company is a global provider of customer service and communication solutions through live chat, email marketing, and helpdesk software. They also recently offered many other cloud based software products.

Customization and User Interface

Comm100 offers a high degree of customization in addition to a variety of theme styles and colors to choose from.  The live chat software can be used on multiple websites and the chat window on each website can be designed differently based on its theme and layout. The chat interface is highly intuitive, which means that new chat operators can be brought online with little or no training.

Pre-chat Visitor Information

A pre-chat window can be set up to obtain visitor information such as name, email, product, etc. In addition, Comm100 also provides users the ability to monitor in real-time visitor details such as pages visited, referring URL, and length of time on site. Chat invitations can also be sent to visitors who meet certain pre-set scenarios based on parameters such as current page, visit times, etc.

Reduced Response Time

Besides visitor information, Comm100 provides some useful tools that allow chat agents to reduce their response time. A typing indicator allows agents to see what their customers are typing before they submit their message. A swift and relevant response can be delivered, particularly to customers that are slightly hesitant. Likewise, a collection of canned responses helps agents respond to similar queries without typing the same response repeatedly.

Chat Transcripts

Returning customers often want to chat with the same person, or at the very least, expect that the agent be aware of their chat history. Comm100 allows chat operators to save transcripts for future reference, and also lets them add a related memo or note to the conversation. Knowledge of prior specific details can pleasantly surprise customers, leading to an overall positive impact on the business.

Third-party Integration

Comm100's chat software can be integrated with leading ticket and CRM systems, such as Zendesk and Salesforce, as well as with insightful tools such Google Analytics. This lets you easily transfer information between your live chat and other third-party applications, allowing for more effective follow up and management of customer relationships.

Security and Reliability

Unauthorized access to users' accounts is prevented by means of a strong password policy and IP restrictions. Passwords can be changed as frequently as desired. With its 'MaximumOn' technology, the software also ensures that your live chat program runs continuously without interruptions, despite failures at both server and data center levels. Chats can also be extended onto mobile platforms, including on iOS and Android devices.

Other Features

For large multi-department businesses, Comm100's live chat software lets customers select a department they would like to chat with. A transfer facility helps agents route the customer to a different department (or the concerned person) when necessary.

Though the site provides the option of a Pre-chat survey, customers can also log in to the live chat directly from their Facebook or Google+ account.  

A drag-and-drop file transfer feature allows agents to share a file that provides all the requested information. Customers can also use this tool to share files or screenshots to help an agent assist them more conveniently and quickly.


Step-by-step guides, FAQs, video tutorials and other forms of support are freely available on the company's website. In addition to these, users can also make inquiries via live chat or email.       


Comm100's live chat software is suitable for large and small businesses alike. Despite the lack of cobrowsing and language options, the chat software offers a range of tools that can help businesses build lasting connections with their customers. Built-in security and reliability features ensure that your chat experiences turn out to be both fun and effective.

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