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Comodo Wildcard SSL is a wildcard SSL certificate released by Comodo CA Limited, an online security company founded in 1998 and headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA. The company provides various types of SSL certificates for various types of business websites, as well as offering various internet and desktop-based security products. The Wildcard SSL certificate from Comodo allows you to secure your main domain and all the sub-domains on unlimited servers.

Automated Validation System

The automated validation system provided by Comodo Wildcard SSL allows you to issue your certificate in a matter of minutes. Whereas other certificate providers may only offer manual validation system, this company allows you to validate your certificate automatically. It helps you a lot to save time in getting the certificate for your website. Also, there are no required paperwork, faxes, and delays that you need to go through during the issuance period. The process is simple enough for you to get your certificate. You just need to enter your base domain name, pay your order, and get your certificate in minutes. With the automated validation system, you don’t need to wait for the staff to review your order and application, which means that you can secure your sub-domains right away once you’ve completed your purchase.

Unlimited Server License

The wildcard SSL certificate from Comodo can be used for unlimited servers, as long as you are still using those servers to host the sub-domains of your main domain name. This is a great feature, since most businesses may use multiple servers to run their business more effectively, as well as give the best performance for each of their sub-domains. With the unlimited server license, you can ensure that all of your sub-domains are protected wherever they are hosted, and you don’t need to pay for additional charges for additional server installation for your certificate. Some of the other wildcard certificate providers may require you to pay additional fees for installation outside of the main physical server, but you don’t need to pay extra fees when you use the Comodo wildcard certificate.

Maximum Security and Compatibility

Whereas wildcard SSL certificates may not be as secure as the extended validation certificate, it is still important for you to recognize the security features offered by the certificate issuer. For this instance, Comodo offers the best security system for their wildcard SSL certificates, as well as maximum compatibility with various browsers. The security encryption used by Comodo is the next generation 2048-bit encryption, which follows the security recommendation from NIST. Also, the certificate can be loaded by most of the browsers available in the market today, so you don’t need to worry that your customers won’t see your wildcard certificate when they visit your website.

Additional Benefits

There are various benefits offered by Comodo when you purchase their wildcard SSL certificate, such as a 30-day refund policy, free PCI scanning service, free daily vulnerability scanning, and free Trustlogo site seal. These additional extras can help you to secure your investment with the wildcard SSL certificate from this company, as well as ensure that you get the best security protection for your sub-domains. The daily vulnerability scanning allows you to prevent security threats from attacking your website and stealing your important information. Also, the Trustlogo site seal helps you to increase customer conversion, as it can help to increase trust of your website visitors and making them feel comfortable to exchange their sensitive information with your website.


The wildcard SSL certificate provided by Comodo can help you to secure your base domain as well as your sub-domains with unlimited server license, which means that you can install the certificate in as many physical servers as you want without additional fees. It provides the next-generation of 2048-bit SSL encryption and maximum browser compatibility for the best protection. With the automated validation system, you can get your certificate in a matter of minutes, without waiting for the staff to approve your order. It also provides various additional benefits, including free PCI scanning, free daily vulnerability scanning, and Trustlogo seal to help increase your website protection even more.

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