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By: Astonsoft Ltd.

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DeepBurner is a disc burner software created and developed by Astonsoft Ltd., a software company founded in 2003 and based in Tallinn, Estonia. The focus of the company is to create various productivity software for both home and business users worldwide. The company has been working on several software solutions aside from DeepBurner, including EssentialPIM (to do list management), Outlook-Android Sync (Outlook synchronization tool), and SESMailer (newsletter and email marketing software).

Burn Data CD And DVD

DeepBurner can do various burning operations, including burning the data CD or DVD. With this feature, you can copy your data to any CD or DVD media, so that you can use the data CD or DVD on any computer. Data CD or DVD is different from the CD or DVD that contains music or movies. With this feature, you are functioning the disc media as a type of storage device where you can keep your data safe and secure. For instance, if you want to copy your documents or any other files into your CD for safekeeping, you can use this software to do it. In this way, if you want to use your documents and other files on other computers, you just need to insert the disc on those computers.

Burn Audio CD And Movie DVD

The audio CD is the type of CD media that contains several music or audio files that you can play on computers or any audio CD players. Movie DVD is the type of DVD media that contains the movie data that you can play on computers or DVD players. This software allows you to burn audio CD and movie DVD so that you can play them on supported devices. For instance, if you want to burn a DVD movie file, you can play your movie on your DVD player without any problem. This is quite different from copying the movie file directly to the DVD media, since you need to convert the file into the readable DVD file format first.

Create Bootable CD or DVD Media

Sometimes, you need to reinstall your operating system whenever there is a problem with your computer that cannot be fixed except by reinstalling the whole OS. DeepBurner helps you to create the bootable CD or DVD media that you can use to install your whole Windows operating system anytime you need. The bootable media can be read by your computer when it is still in the booting process, allowing you to explore the DVD media and execute certain commands even before loading your operating system.

Backup Utility

As a computer user, it is very important for you to keep all your files safe and secure. You don’t want to lose your files later when there are some unexpected problems happening. If your computer experiences certain problems, such as hard drive failure, power failure, and so on, you might risk losing your important data. That’s why it is important to always back up your data, so that you can ensure that your data is safe and secure all the time. This software has the backup utility that allows you to back up your computer data into any CD or DVD media easily.

Burn Photo Albums Into CD Or DVD

Keeping the sweet memories with your family and friends is always necessary. If you have a lot of photos that you take with your device, which you save on your computer, it would be great for you to regularly back up your photo albums to the CD or DVD media from time to time. DeepBurner allows you to burn your photo albums onto CD or DVD media anytime that you need, and since DVD media can retain more than 4GB of storage, you can put hundreds of photos in one DVD media for each backup operation.


DeepBurner is a disc burner tool that works perfectly to perform various burning operations that you need. Whether you want to burn your data, audio, movies, photos, or any other files, you can do it with this software. This software can also be used to create a bootable CD or DVD media that you can use to restore your operating system installation later. Also, it has the backup utility to help you ensure that you are keeping all of your important data safe and secure. All in all, if you want to use a complete disc burning solution, which can perform various burning tasks smoothly and easily, this is the software that you are looking for.

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