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DeskAway is an India based company founded by Sahil and Sitanshi Parikh back in 2005. At that time the two founders had just moved back to India after living & working in the U.S. for several years, in the web design & development field. With their newly learned skills and experience they had the foundation they wanted to set-up the first version of DeskAway – a project management service that continues to grow as we speak, and is currently being used by companies across the entire world.

Now let's examine some of this tool's features and see why they are considered to be among the best on the market.

Project Collaboration

The main purpose of DeskAway is to help team leaders and company owners to organize the work of their employees. This means that its developers have focused on implementing and developing excellent project collaboration tools that give you the opportunity to easily create, share, merge and track projects.

The platform allows users to get instant access to the history of all your projects and tasks – see who made the last modifications, and how much time it took them to finish the job. Users can even use RSS to subscribe to a particular project's history in order to receive instant updates.

Set-up Milestones

With DeskAway's dashboard you can quickly set individual or team milestones that you & your team must  meet for the project. This way you'll be able to quickly & easily show your employees if the work process is going according to plan or not.

Tasks Setup

Setting up individual and team tasks is one of the most important roles of every good project management tool, and it is safe to say that DeskAway has one of the most flexible features in this department. The task list is simple & detailed, and gives you the ability to quickly and easily set-up recurring, cloning and moving tasks. The innovative task planner gives you the opportunity to set-up & plan tasks for weeks ahead.

It is also important to keep track of the work of your employees and provide them with assistance in case they come across any problems. The 'Issues' panel available in DeskAway serves this exact purpose - it allows members to quickly submit tickets regarding problems they have with the particular task or project.

General Collaboration

Apart from the project collaboration tools, there is also a fair number of general collaboration tools that many entrepreneurs will find to be very useful. They can help you improve the communication in your company a lot as well as serve as a platform for employees to share their ideas and thoughts.

Organizing large projects and the information accompanying them can be a bit difficult but the platform has a feature to fix this issue. The 'Project Wiki' is a neat future that allows you to quickly submit & organize all the documentation regarding your tasks and project.

Contact List

The platform allows you to easily maintain a personal contact list that allows you to keep track of all your business and personal contacts.  Particular contacts can be shared with other people as well, so you can easily help your employees contact the department or co-worker they need.

Blog System

Often for large teams, team leaders and users may need to keep your team up to date with the latest news. Use the neat blogging feature to post frequent status updates, as well as reviews of the work done so far. You can also use it to share ideas, articles, comment on other posts, and more! Just think of it as a private, company Facebook page.


The web is overwhelmed with project management tools, but how many of them are actually worth the price? DeskAway offers a wide range of unique features that come at a fairly affordable price. The scalable subscription plans are paired with great functionality that easily turn DeskAway into an excellent choice for every entrepreneur that is looking for a neater and more convenient way to manage current and future company projects.

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