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By: DigiCert, Inc.

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The DigiCert Wildcard Plus Certificate is a wildcard SSL certificate released by DigiCert Inc., an internet security company founded in 2003 and headquartered in Lindon, Utah, United States. The company specializes in providing digital certificates for websites, with a lot of variety of SSL certificate options available. The Wildcard Plus Certificate provided by DigiCert allows you to secure your main domain, along with the first-level sub-domains, and encrypt all data exchanges from your visitor’s browser to your server.  

Unlimited Unique Duplicates

DigiCert allows you to install their wildcard SSL certificate in unlimited servers, which means that no matter how many servers that you are using, you can always give the same protection for all of your sub-domains. Along with this, the company also allows you to create unlimited copies of your certificate on all servers that you use, as well as assign different private security keys for each certificate. This enhances the security of your sub-domains all the time, until your certificates expire. By using the wildcard SSL certificate from this company, you can also save thousands of dollars of money spent on buying certificates, if you also use your certificates on your firewalls, backup servers, and multiple servers across your network.

Quick Certificate Issuance and CSR Generation

Ordering a wildcard certificate from DigiCert is very easy, and it often takes less than an hour to issue the wildcard certificate after your purchase. There is a team of security experts that work at DigiCert to ensure that you can get your certificate validated as soon as possible. They work hard to respond to every certificate application and issue your certificate in a matter of hours. Thus, you don’t need to wait for a long time just to install your certificate on your website. Not only that, DigiCert also provides a certificate utility for Windows that allows you to quickly generate CSR for your wildcard certificate as soon as you finish your order. The tool allows you to pre-validate your SSL and streamline your code signing process.

Strongest Security Encryption

DigiCert offers the strongest security encryption for your wildcard SSL certificates, which means that you can protect all of your online assets from hackers and other security threats in the best possible way. It features a hybrid encryption system which takes advantage of the technology offered by symmetric and asymmetric encryption. It combines the strong 256-bit encryption with 2048-bit root certificates, providing maximum protection for your website against brute force attacks. The security system supports both SHA-1 and SHA-2, meaning that it can take billions of years to crack the wildcard SSL certificate from DigiCert.

Additional Tools

When you purchase a wildcard certificate from this company, you get various additional tools that help to enhance the functionalities of your certificates. The tools that are available with your purchase include CertCentral, Certificate Inspector, SSL Discovery Tool, Certificate Utility for Windows, SSL Installation Diagnostics Tool, Internal Name Tool for Microsoft Exchange, and CSR Generators. Those tools allow you to manage your certificates more easily, as well as fix any problem that you may have in a matter of minutes. For instance, Certificate Inspector helps you to install and manage lots of certificates for enterprise without spending a lot of resources in the process. Also, the SSL Installation Diagnostics Tool helps to find and scan for problems in your installed certificates and find the best solution to solve the problem.


The wildcard SSL certificate provided by DigiCert allows you to install certificates for your sub-domains in less than an hour, with unlimited server licenses. It provides various useful tools to help manage your certificates, as well as fix potential problems that you may experience along the way. Finally, the encryption system offered by DigiCert Wildcard Plus can protect all of your sensitive data and prevent any hacker from attacking your website with brute force, as it uses the combination of symmetric and asymmetric encryption technology for your certificate security.

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