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By: New Dream Network, LLC From USA

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DreamPress is a WordPress hosting solution provided by leading web hosting company DreamHost. Although the service is far different from dedicated Wordpress Hosting Providers such as WPEngine or WebSynthesis but their solutions can be still ideal for small blog owners who don’t require scalable solution or tight security. Their service packages offer a 97-day money-back guarantee, so skeptical customers can find solace in their generous refund policy.

Their ability to serve hundreds of thousands of page views at lightening speed for $19.95 is questionable; at this time their business plan does not address big traffic sites that will require a mass quantity of pageviews. One could elude that this business plan is unsustainable.

DreamPress has a very limited selection of plans, and they cater to small companies, startups, or solo entrepreneurs. All of their plans are "flat rate" and include 1 click installation, migration assistance, and DreamPress offers free 24/7 support via email and chat. Power users may be disappointed in their lack of features and documentation.

Key Features

DreamPress offers 1-click WordPress installation, Managed VPS (with MySQL), Optimized WordPress configuration, assisted WordPress migration, free (and unlimited) WordPress support, and the ability to back up in the cloud using DreamObjects.

WordPress Optimization

The first thing you may notice with Dream Press is that, they don’t offer advanced features like built-in CDN or git version control for code deployment. That being said, they still offer features like WP-Cli installed blogs, Varnish Caching for faster page speed and Optimized WordPress configuration.

Different Packages

DreamPress has two packages. "Standard" and "Introductory". Their plans offer unlimited page views, though they have NOT defined any clear restrictions as the usage on a DreamPress site. Either of the two packages include 1 Click WordPress Installation, Managed VPS (with MySQL), Aided WordPress Migration, free support, and the ability to support any WordPress theme or Plugin.

At this time, large businesses that require dedicated IPs, a comprehensive Content Delivery Network, scalability, or large quantities of page views should look elsewhere.


DreamPress offers run-of-the-mill WordPress security though make no mention of DDoS Protection, backup redundancy, firewall integration, or integrated IT security features. At this time DreamPress suffers from an overall lack of documentation and proper marketing of their IT security features. Those with an eye for security awareness should probably look elsewhere.


DreamPress offers no robust scalability to speak of and large corporations requiring massive data, comprehensive CDN function should look elsewhere. DreamPress offers two plans, and while they offer "unlimited" bandwidth and space, the question remains as to how they will act in the future and logic would dictate that a tier-structured pricing point would be implemented in the future. At this time, DreamPress has questionable scalability because they are not addressing "robust" Companies that will require hundreds of thousands of page views per month. At this time, their scalability is questionable.


DreamPress should only be considered by novice users that aren't looking for a robust platform with an advanced feature-set and scalability options. Smaller organizations that don’t need advanced features and documentation could find their hosting to be helpful. DreamPress does guarantee 100% uptime and take their job seriously, though large corporations that require a robust solution should look elsewhere.

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