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By: IObit.

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Driver Booster Pro is a driver updater tool that is created and developed by IOBit, a software company founded in 2004. The company has released various system optimizer software such as disk defragmenter, Uninstaller, system optimizer, driver booster, game optimizer, and start menu software. With Driver Booster Pro, the company is focused on helping the users to keep their PC performance optimized by keeping their drivers up to date all the time.

Auto Driver Update During System Idle Time

The biggest feature that is offered by Driver Booster Pro is its ability to choose the right download time for your drivers. When your system is in the idle time, the software automatically starts the download process if there are some drivers that need to be updated. If not, the software simply scans your system automatically to find out whether your devices need to update their drivers or not. In this way, the software doesn’t disturb your computing activity, while keeping your drivers updated all the time.

Priority Driver Update For Gaming Components

If you are a big gamer, this driver update software is the best driver updater that you can use on a daily basis. This is because the software gives priority update for gaming components to ensure that you have the best performance in your gaming session. When you fire up your favorite game on your computer, and your game controller has an outdated driver, it can cause a big problem in your gaming performance. You might have some performance lags while playing your game, or the controller might stop functioning properly in the middle of your gaming session. This is why this software gives the highest priority to update the drivers of your gaming components.

Larger Database With Rare Drivers

When compared to similar software, Driver Booster Pro has a larger database that contains millions of device drivers that you can access instantly. The best thing about it is that you can also access the drivers for rare devices or devices that are no longer being produced by the manufacturers. So, if you bought a device 10 years ago, and the manufacturer’s website is no longer providing support for it, chances are, you can get the latest driver for your device with this driver updater tool. It’s the same with rare devices that are only produced in limited quantities.

Update Only Qualified Drivers For The Best Security

When updating the drivers for your devices, it is important to ensure that you are downloading the correct drivers for your devices. This is because incorrect or invalid drivers can cause more problems with the devices later. Also, you have to make sure that the drivers are qualified, which means that it is recognized by Windows and it is safe to download and install on your system. This is to ensure that your system remains secure when you update your drivers. Without this feature, you might end up downloading unknown or mismatched drivers for your devices, which can disturb the security and stability of your system.

Driver Compression Algorithm To Optimize Your Driver Download

If you have a lot of devices that you need to update regularly, then it might take a lot of time to download the drivers for those devices. The more complicated and modern your devices, the bigger the update file size of the drivers. So, to solve this problem, Driver Booster Pro uses the intelligent driver compression algorithm to optimize your driver download and update process. This feature can help you to update all of your device drivers more quickly and effectively, saving a lot of time and hassles.


Driver Booster Pro is the right driver updater software if you want to keep all of your devices, whether old or new, as well as rare or common, up to date with the latest drivers. This software is especially useful for gamers, since it gives priority driver download for gaming components on your system. This is because the focus of the software is to keep your system running smoothly, whether you use it for regular tasks or even resource-heavy tasks like gaming. With the optimized download feature, you don’t need to wait too long to get all your drivers updated. It can help you to keep your system in a good condition, as well as prevent problems such as crashes and freezes due to outdated or invalid drivers.

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