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By: Corel Corporation.

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Driver Reviver is a driver updater software created and developed by ReviverSoft, which is a software company that is now a part of Corel Corporation. Corel acquired ReviverSoft in 2014, and continue the development of Driver Reviver since then. The focus of the software is to help the users repair and update their drivers from the trusted sources.

Download Drivers From Original Manufacturer’s Websites

The problem with many driver updater software out there is that they usually don’t download the driver update files from the manufacturer’s websites. Instead, they take the third-party approach in their driver update, resulting in occasional problems for the users. When you download the wrong driver for your devices, it can really cause bad problems with your system stability. Driver Reviver ensures that you are downloading the correct drivers for your devices, since the software always look for the driver update files from the manufacturer’s websites.

Keep Your PC Running Smoothly

Let’s say that you have 3 external devices connected to your PC right now. If just one of your devices is having problems due to the outdated driver that it has, your PC can experience performance problems unless you update the driver for that device. These performance problems can usually cause problems with the other devices that you have as well, although these devices have the up-to-date drivers installed in your system. With this driver updater software, you can ensure that your PC runs smoothly all the time, since all the drivers for your devices are up to date, which prevents any compatibility problems with your PC.

Help You To Save Time In The Driver Update Process

Driver Reviver allows you to update your device drivers in a simple and quick way. You don’t need to scan your drivers one by one manually. What you need to do to update your device drivers is to open the software, perform a driver scan, and update all drivers in just a single click. There is no complicated process involved in updating your drivers. You don’t need to manually go to the manufacturer’s websites and download and install the drivers one by one. With this software, you can download the right drivers for your devices from the trusted sources.

Simple And Easy User Interface

This software offers the easy installation of your drivers due to its easy and simple user interface. The user interface is designed carefully to let even beginners to update their PC drivers instantly. So, you don’t need to carry your PC to your local computer technician just to ask them to update your device drivers. You just need to install this driver updater software, and you can perform the driver update process by yourself, in just a few clicks. The update operation is very straightforward, and requires no complicated steps in the process. The drivers are downloaded automatically from the manufacturer’s websites from the software interface, and it is installed directly to overwrite your outdated drivers. So, there is no manual download or install process that you need to do.

Automatic Backup And Restore Wizard

With Driver Reviver, it is very easy for you to backup your drivers automatically. This feature is important, since an unsuccessful driver installation can corrupt your current drivers, and thus, you need to backup your drivers to prevent any system instability problems during the driver installation. You can also restore your driver backup using a simple wizard, meaning that you only need to follow the step-by-step instruction to perform the restore process. This keeps your computer in a good shape, as well as keeping it safe from external threats.


Driver Reviver is a driver updater software that can be trusted fully, since it only downloads the driver updates from trusted sources. Also, it ensures the safety and performance of your system with various features such as backup and restore, scheduler, and exclusions to keep your computer running in the best condition. The user interface of the software itself is beginner-friendly, meaning that everyone can use this software without worry, since they can just perform the driver update process in just a few clicks. This is a recommended driver updater software that can save you a lot of time to update your drivers, and ensure that you get the best and trusted drivers for your devices.

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