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Driver Support is a driver updater software created and developed by Driver Support, a software company founded in 1996 and based in Austin, Texas. The focus of the company is to help computer users to optimize their system with the latest drivers for their connected devices. The company has been a Microsoft Gold Partner for years, making Driver Support one of the most trusted driver updater software to use.

The Three Simple Steps -- Diagnose, Resolve, And Optimize

Driver Support has a simple driver scanning and updating process. The process is done in three simple steps, which are Diagnose, Resolve, and Optimize. The first process is Diagnose. The Diagnose process allows the software to determine the problems that you may have with your device drivers. Once it detects some outdated drivers, it gives you the chance to update your drivers. The second process is Resolve. This process involves the downloading and installation of the latest drivers for your devices from the respective manufacturer’s websites. And the third process is Optimize. Once your drivers are updated, the software helps to optimize your system performance and keep a smooth operation of your PC.

Accurate Driver Matching Technology

With the accurate driver matching technology, you don’t need to worry that the software delivers the wrong drivers for your devices. This is because the drivers are taken from the manufacturer’s websites, so that it is guaranteed that you can get the correct drivers for your devices. Even for the devices that come with your computer, such as hard drive, integrated video card, sound card, DVD drive, and so on, the software can give you the correct drivers from the manufacturers, giving you the best performance of each piece of hardware that you have installed on your computer.

Anywhere Account Access Feature

The good thing about Driver Support is that it is nicely integrated with the cloud system that allows you to back up the driver information data from your device. You can back up the data to the cloud, and access the data backup from any computer that you have. You need to simply log into the Driver Support account, and you can view your driver update history from the dashboard. It can help you to recover the information about your computer drivers at the time when you need to re-install your Windows operating system.

Driver Intelligence Database

Since this software has been around since 1996, it has collected an extensive database of drivers from almost any type of hardware, whether it is old or new. So, whether you have the modern PC or a slightly older PC with old devices and peripherals, you can count on this driver updater software to find the right drivers for your devices. There are more than 26 million drivers available in the database, and the number can only increase year by year. So, whatever hardware that you have on your computer, you can surely find the drivers that match for your hardware easily.

Active Optimization Feature

The Active Optimization feature is actually an add-on for Driver Support that helps you to optimize your PC performance in the best possible way. It is a PC optimization tool that is tailored specifically for your computer, since people are using their computer differently. So, with the personalized optimization feature for your PC, it is like having a personal technician for your PC working to keep the best performance of your machine. It provides the real-time optimization solution that keeps on optimizing your computer as you use it on day-to-day basis.


If you are looking for a good and trusted driver update solution for your computer, Driver Support is the best software that you can use today. With the company being a Microsoft Gold Partner, you can be sure that the software gives you the best user experience, security, and privacy protection for your PC. You can search any driver for any device on your computer with its extensive intelligent database. You can also ensure that you get the correct drivers for your devices, since the software gets the drivers from the respective manufacturer’s websites. You can even save your driver information in the cloud, which means that you can access that information from any device later.

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