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DVDFab DVD Copy is a DVD backup solution software provided by Fengtao Software Inc., a software company founded in 2003 and based in Beijing, China. The company provides various multimedia software solutions for professional and personal use, including DVD backup solutions, DRM removal, DVD/Blu-ray creation, and media transfer solutions. The company is one of Intel Software Premier Elite Partners and has support from Intel Quick Sync technology for its released software.

Simple Interface Makes It Seamless To Back Up Your DVD

The one thing that you can see when you start the DVDFab DVD Copy software for the first time is its elegant and simple interface. It makes it very easy for you to go through the menu and perform the backup process that you want to have. There are no complicated menu options that might only confuse you. Once you pick the copy mode that you want to use, the process is done seamlessly, and after waiting for a while, your backup files are ready. You can perform as many backup processes as you need, and the software can do the process seamlessly without burdening your computer resources.

Lossless Quality Output Preserves The Quality Of Your DVD Backup

When you use this software, you can notice the quality that you get on your backup DVD. The software copies your original DVD with lossless quality, which means that you don’t need to worry about the backup quality being worse than the original. The software takes care of the backup process and gives you the copy of the original DVD content without any loss in quality. You can enjoy the same crystal clear quality as the original DVD, with crisp video images and clear high quality sound. Whether you just need to back up a part of your DVD content or all of your content, the output quality is always the best.

6 Different Copy Modes Allow Fast And Efficient Backup

The simple interface of DVDFab DVD Copy allows you to choose between the 6 different copy modes immediately. These copy modes are presented to you to allow fast and efficient backup for your DVD. You can pick the right option for your backup and the software can perform the operation immediately. These different copy modes are Full Disc, Main Movie, Clone/Burn, Merge, Split, and Customize. So, whether you want to copy all of the DVD content or just some of the content, there is always a mode that you can pick to perform that operation.

Backup Your Disc Anywhere

With this software, you can back up your DVD anywhere. Whether you want to save your backup to a blank DVD disc or whether you want to save it on your hard drive, you can do it with this software. When you save your DVD backup on your hard drive, you can then transfer the copied disc content to a USB flash drive for a more convenient viewing in many devices. You can also transfer your copied content to your smartphone or tablet to view it on the go.


When it comes to choosing the best digital video disc backup solution, you have to consider about various factors. One of the factors is the user interface of the software, and the other factors involve the features or functionalities offered by the software. A simple user interface allows you to perform your backup process quickly and seamlessly, especially if you need to back up a lot of your DVD collections. The features that are provided by the software should also be able to accommodate your backup needs. DVDFab DVD Copy offers a simple user interface, as well as various features that can help you to back up your DVD collections in the way that you want, to any device that you want, and perform the backup operations seamlessly.

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