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EUKHost is a UK based website hosting company with its data centers in Reading, Maidenhead and Milton Keynes. The company is incorporated in England and Wales and was established in 2001 with the aim of providing easy hosting to its customers. According to official website, they serve over 35,000 clients and hosting over 150,000 domains.


Apart from shared hosting plan, the company offers range of other solutions such as Wordpress Hosting, Reseller, VPS, Dedicated Servers, Cloud and eNight Cloud. For all the hosting plan, you have freedom to choose operating system from either Linux or Windows. Usually for .net applications, you’d prefer Windows machines to avoid any compatibility issue but for the rest, you can choose Linux.
The key features of the shared hosting plans offered by EUKHost are discussed below.

Hosting Plans

The company offers shared hosting plans for both Linux and Windows based OSes. You can select between three tiers of membership plans. These plans are Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. The plans are affordable and cover the requirements of all kinds of users. The Basic plan offers 2GB disk space, while the Intermediate and the Advanced plans offer 10 GB and 20 GB disk space respectively. Unlimited bandwidth is provided for all the hosting plans.  

Control Panels

If you choose cPanel Hosting then obviously you'll get leadinghosting control panel cPanel as your control panel to manage files, databases and email accounts. The cPanel comes with tutorial videos and a getting started wizard to help to set up your website. Your files, logs, security, domains, databases and services can be easily access via the cPanel.

For Windows based hosting they offer yet another powerful control panel called Plesk. Plesk also allow many flexibility and options to manage files, databases, email accounts and much more.

Email Options

Depending on hosting plan, a number of mailing options are present for emails. You will have access to webmail, spam check, mail forwarders, auto responders, mailing lists, account level filtering, user level filtering, email trace, Importing addresses, email authentication and many more. These tools help make your communication a lot easier.

Security Options

EUKHost offers advanced security options. You can block any IP via IP deny manager. The SSL/TLC manager allows you to generate SSL certificates, private keys and certificate signing requests. SSL provides additional security to your website. You can secure your file transfers and remote logins by using the SSH access tool. With the Hotlink Protection tool no other website can link a file directly to your website. This way your bandwidth will not get lowered and high performance will be maintained. You can also allow others to the website's files with limited control by generating FTP accounts.    

Customer Satisfaction

There are no hidden charges. In case you are not satisfied with the results, you can claim your money back within a period of thirty days. The website has a good customer care service. You can get help via live chat, helpdesk, phone or the community forum. You can select any one of these based on your convenience.

Wordpress Hosting

With growing popularity of wordpress, more and more companies nowadays started offering standalone plans to host wordpress sites. These wordpress hosting plans are usually created with wordpress software in mind.

EukHost’s Wordpress hosting plans comes with Wordpress pre-installed on each plan and allow from as low as 5 blogs to unlimited blogs depending on plan you select. Their Starter and Standard plans are basically shared hosting plans while Professional plan is a managed server for heavily trafficked website. All these plans allows unlimited bandwidth but certain restrictions on storage.

Cloud Hosting

A failure of the hardware or the network components can take your website down. The website offers cloud hosting to specifically tackle this issue. The website claims predictable and consistent performance with a 100% uptime guarantee. The cloud system can migrate virtual machines between the clustered servers to avoid any issue. The website has advanced technology to guard against any hard disk failure. The website also offers super fast storage to maintain the performance of your website in a cost effective manner.

Remote Backups

Backups are really handy as they provide security of your data. EUKHost has a solid backup solution and provides near continuous data protection for your website data. With CDP 3.0 your website backup will be done in just a few minutes instead of hours. No specific hardware is required for the backup as it can work on the existing TCP/IP network. With the advanced portability option you can take your backup anywhere. Using the powerful file exclude you can choose what files to exclude which making a back up.

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