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Fiverr Logo Design is a service category included within the Fiverr platform, which is one of the biggest online marketplace to find services for sale in various categories. Fiverr is a service that is provided by Fiverr International Limited since 2010, with headquarter located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Flat Price from Various Designers

In Fiverr Logo Design, the rule for any service provider is that they have to be willing to provide their service for $5. Thus, you see the same flat pricing plan from various designers on Fiverr. Since all the designers charge a flat five bucks fee, there is no telling whether one is a good designer or a bad designer. You have to carefully take a look at their sales record in order to determine their service quality, and whether you should use their service for your project or not.

Sorting the Designer Listing on Fiverr

If you have a hard time finding out the best designer among hundreds of available designers displayed in the Fiverr Logo Design page, you can sort their listing according to various aspects. First, you can sort them according to the rating. Choose High Rating to sort them according to the rating that has been received by the designers, from high to low. Second, you can sort them according to the recommendation. Choose Recommended to sort them according to whether the designers are recommended to use or not. You can see the list among the most recommended designers and the least recommended one. And third, you can sort the listing based on the time they are submitted to the site. Choose New to sort the listing according to the most recently submitted service.

Logo Type

There are four logo types that you can choose on this platform. The first type is Classic Logo. The classic logo the lists all designers that provide a logo design service with the classic style in it. The second type is Text Logo. If you want to get text-only logo for your business, you can choose this logo type. The third type is Badge, which lists the designers who are willing to create a good logo for your badge. The third type is Mascot. It lists the service providers who can help you create a mascot for your business.

Logo Style

Aside from choosing the logo type, you can also choose the style for your logo. By choosing the respective logo style, you can see the list of designers that provide services for logo creation with that respective style. There are four styles you can choose on Fiverr Logo Design, which are vintage, modern, 3D, and hand drawn. Vintage gives you the logo with a classic feel into it. Modern gives you the logo with a modern feel into it. 3D gives you a 3D-style logo. Hand drawn gives you a logo that is hand drawn by the designer.

Delivery Time

In Fiverr Logo Design, you can choose designers that can deliver the work in a certain time frame. There are three options that you can choose. First, you can choose the designers that can deliver the work within 24 hours. Second, you can choose the designers that can deliver the work within 3 days. And third, you can choose the designers that can deliver the work within 7 days.

Although many designers may deliver work before specified time. Time mentioned on average delivery estimation is the maximum time designer is allowed to take. After designer miss the deadline, buyer can dispute the order or cancel the order and get refund.


If you have five bucks to spare and want to turn it into a good logo design for your business, then you can do it with Fiverr Logo Design. You can find many good designers that offer exceptional works on Fiverr, if you can only take a look a little more closely. Overall, this service is recommended for those who want their logo design work to be done in the simplest and most affordable way possible.

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