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GeoTrust Wildcard SSL Review

By: GeoTrust, Inc.

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The True BusinessID Wildcard is a wildcard SSL certificate released by GeoTrust, an online security company founded in 2001 and headquartered in Mountain View, California, USA. The company offers various online security products and solutions for individuals, businesses, and enterprises, including SSL certificates and signing products. The True BusinessID Wildcard is an SSL certificate option designed to encrypt data transfers done in your main domain and sub-domains with one certificate.

Convenient Management for All Certificates

GeoTrust provides an easy-to-use certificate management console called GeoTrust Security Center, which helps to easily manage all of your SSL wildcard certificates in one place. Not only that, if you are also using other SSL options from GeoTrust, you can manage those SSL certificates as well within this one convenient management console. GeoTrust provides a fairly quick certificate issuance time, which only takes about one day for your certificate to be issued after your purchase. Moreover, you can choose up to 3-year validity option for your wildcard certificates, which can save your investment cost and help to avoid the hassles of renewing your certificates once per year.

Security and Cost-Effectiveness

The wildcard SSL certificate that you get from this company gives you the best security protection for your website, with 256-bit of encryption technology, along with 2048-bit of security encryption for the root certificate. This secure encryption technology is able to prevent any malicious attacks from hackers that are trying to steal your important data. Thus, you can establish trust with your customers, since you can guarantee the safety of their data on your server. Buying a wildcard certificate from GeoTrust is also cost-effective, because you don’t need to pay extra charges for additional server licenses. It also offers unlimited free re-issuances throughout the lifetime of your certificates.

Big Warranty Assurance

Whereas the wildcard SSL certificates released by other companies can only provide you with a small amount of insurance for your purchase or even no insurance at all, GeoTrust provides you with $1,250,000 of warranty insurance that ensures the best protection for your investment. Other than that, the wildcard certificates that you purchase from this company are guaranteed to work on all browsers and devices, including mobile-only browsers. With the dynamic secured seal mark from GeoTrust, you are able to show your website visitors that their transactions are securely protected with 256-bit of encryption algorithm, which is the strongest encryption system available today. This way, you can build trust in your brand more easily and attract more customers for your business.

Brand Building Made Easy

GeoTrust is one of the most trusted SSL certificate providers that you can find online. When you use this certificate, your visitors, clients, and employees can see that you care about their data security, and thus, you can easily boost your brand reputation by simply installing the wildcard certificates from GeoTrust in your website. Moreover, the date-stamped security seal can show your website visitors that your website is protected by GeoTrust all the time. It also shows that you are using the latest SSL certificate from this company. And since your site is fully protected, it can also gain more reputation in the search engines, meaning that you can significantly raise the search engine ranking of your website by installing the GeoTrust wildcard certificate in all of your sub-domains.  


The True BusinessID Wildcard Certificate provided by GeoTrust can be easily managed using GeoTrust Security Center, which allows you to manage all of your GeoTrust certificates in one place. It is a cost-effective investment for your business, because you can install all the wildcard certificates in all of your sub-domains without any additional costs when you use multiple servers. The warranty assurance provided by GeoTrust is big enough to protect all of your online assets, and the dynamic security site seal provided by GeoTrust can help to build your brand reputation and attract more customers to your business.

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