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By: GoDaddy Operating Company, LLC.

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Godaddy Wildcard SSL is a wildcard SSL certificate provided by Godaddy Inc., an internet security company founded in 1999 and based in Phoenix, AZ, USA. The company provides various internet security products, including identity-based security products, mobile authentication products, SSL certificates, and fraud detection tools. The wildcard SSL certificate from Godaddy allows you to protect up to 250 Subject Alternative Names along with your main domain and sub-domains on unlimited servers.

A Single Certificate for 250 Subject Alternative Names

The Godaddy Wildcard SSL certificate is different from other wildcard certificates because the company allows you to protect up to 250 SAN of your base domain within a single certificate. It means that while you can install certificates for your base domain and all sub-domains, you can also add other non-related domain names in a single certificate. So, the certificate can be used for,,, as well as,, and so on. This way, you can save a lot of money on your investment. It also means that Godaddy may be the best wildcard SSL certificate provider that you can find on the market, which gives you lots of features and benefits for each of the wildcard certificate that you purchase.

Website Security Bundles

When you purchase a wildcard certificate from Godaddy, you not only able to install your certificate on your main domain and sub-domains, but you also able to install a good security system for your website. The certificate comes with website security bundles that allow you to keep your website protected all the time. Included in the security bundles is the malware scanning feature that helps to scan your website from malicious attacks that may potentially threaten your online assets. The security bundles also help your website to prevent it from being blacklisted by the search engines and email providers. So, you can always get more organic traffic and more email subscribers without worrying that search engines and email providers may blacklist your domain without any valid reasons.

SSL Certificate Expertise

Your wildcard SSL comes with SSL certificate expertise, which means that you are backed up by Godaddy experts in every step of the way during your certificate management life-cycle. You can ask for help from certificate experts during your certificate installation and management. It also comes with a self-service certificate creation that allows you to create certificate automatically. There is also a feature called expiry notification, which helps to remind your certificate expiration date conveniently, which prevent you from having an expired certificate on your website. Once the certificate is installed, your visitors don’t have to deal with annoying trust dialogs on their browsers that may lessen their browsing experience.

Unlimited Re-Issuances and Server Licenses

When you use the Godaddy Wildcard SSL certificate, you can install the certificate on unlimited servers without having to pay any additional fees for the server licenses. You can also re-issue the certificate in the special occasions when you forgot your passwords or when re-imaging the physical machines on your server. Thus, it gives you the best flexibility in your certificate management. All certificates come with a very strong encryption, with SHA-1 and SHA-2 signing capabilities. You can choose whether you want to sign your certificate using SHA-1 or SHA-2 encryption algorithm.


Godaddy provides the best features for a wildcard SSL certificate, with website security bundles and up to 250 Subject Alternative Names. You can use a single certificate to include up to 250 SAN that helps to protect even the domains that are unrelated to your main domain. The website security bundles help to prevent your website from being blacklisted by the search engines and email providers. The SSL certificate expertise gives you the access to the expert support that can help you in every step of the way during your certificate installation and management. Also, the unlimited re-issuances and server licenses provide the best flexibility and convenience in managing your SSL wildcard certificates.

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