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Disk SpeedUp is a free disk defragmenter tool created and developed by Glarysoft Ltd., a software company founded in 2003 and based in Beijing, China. The focus of the company is to create software that helps computer users to keep their PC running smoothly. The company is developing various software in the field of multimedia, network, and system applications.

Easy And Colorful User Interface

Disk SpeedUp comes with an easy-to-use and colorful user interface that makes it very simple to use the software. This is especially true with the drive map that is available in the software interface, giving you the visual presentation of your hard drive fragmentation state with colorful blocks. With this simple user interface, you can simply analyze your hard drive, and then perform the defragmentation process whenever necessary.

Quick And Smart Disk Scan

With other similar software, defragmenting your hard drives may take a lot of time to complete. Sometimes, you might even need to wait for more than 10 hours just to finish the defrag process for one hard drive. It’s different with this software. With this software, you can perform a quick and smart disk scan before you start the defrag process, and then have the software to defragment your hard drives as quickly as possible. Scanning your drives can only take a few seconds, and defragmenting your drives can take less time than other similar software, depending on your disk fragmentation.

Safe And Secure Defragmentation Process

The bad thing about defragmentation is that it can risk your system if it is not done properly. Instead of improving your system performance by organizing your drive fragmentation, it can damage your system or your files if you use a bad software to do the job. With Disk SpeedUp, the defragmentation process is guaranteed to be safe and secure for your system. You don’t need to worry that your system is getting a malfunction as a result of the defragmentation process. It uses the intelligent defrag process that ensures that all your data and drives are protected safely during the operation.

Optimize Your Computer For Peak Performance

The end goal of this software is to help you boost the performance of your computer. So, it’s not just about organizing the files or data on the hard drives. It’s about making them organized enough that they don’t cause problems for your system to access them. Sometimes, your system can get into trouble when trying to access your data if you never defragment your hard drives before, and this problem may cause a negative impact on your system performance. With the smart defragmentation process of this software, this kind of problem is no longer a concern, since you can get the best performance for your system after performing the defrag process.

Automatic And Intelligent Defrag Operation

This is the feature that you might need from Disk SpeedUp, which may not available in other similar disk defragmenter tools out there. This software can perform the defragmentation process automatically and intelligently, and it is good for your system. It helps to keep your hard drives in a good condition, so that it can perform well at all times. Also, you don’t need to manually start the defragmentation process using this software, as this software can automatically start the defrag operation if your system needs it.

Built-in Scheduler And Customized Presets

The scheduler option in this software is very helpful to ensure that your defragmentation process can be performed at regular intervals. Without this scheduler feature, you may need to manually perform this process, and if you forget about it, it may impact your system performance without you realizing it. The customized presets that are available in this software can also help you to perform a specific defrag operation that you can do again and again, without having to manually set up the same process. Presets are useful for you to perform certain defrag operation in one go with specific settings.


Disk SpeedUp is the kind of defragmenter tool that you need to have if you want to ensure that your hard drives are healthy all the time. With the simple, yet colorful user interface, it is very easy to navigate through the software and perform the defrag operation anytime you need it. Also, with the intelligent and automatic defrag, you don’t need to perform this operation manually, since the software can automatically perform the defragmentation process whenever it is needed. Moreover, the process is done safely and securely, meaning that you don’t need to worry that this process may damage your data or hard drives in any way.

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