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By: Heart Internet Ltd. From UK

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HeartInternet is a leading website hosting firm whose operations are mostly focused in UK. The company was founded in 2004 and recently completed 10 years. The company is known in UK for their reseller hosting. The company also offers solutions for regular shared hosting, premium hosting and VPS in addition to dedicated servers. When choosing any hosting plan, you can opt for either Windows or Linux as an operating system for your server even for shared hosting plan. The key features of the hosting portal are discussed below.


You can host up to three different domains with starter pro hosting plan. The starter pro plan has 5 GB of web space and 30 GB monthly bandwidth but all other plans come with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited space. The websites are run via a cloud hosting platform. It makes sure that the websites continue to run even if one of the servers malfunctions. Hence, the uptime of the websites is good. Barring the basic plan there is no set up fee.

Email Features

The hosting plans come bundled with email features like webmail, auto responders, mailing lists, email forwarders, catch all email, junk mail filters, email summary and email filter logs. These features will make the life of the admins easier by allowing them to communicate easily with their audience. You can get advanced email features like 2GB Premium mail boxes (POP3 & IMAP) and 30 GB exchange mail boxes by paying additional money.

Website Statistics

Being able to track the traffic on your website helps you to understand how well your website is performing. HeratInternet offers a set of dedicated tools for this purpose. You will have access to Webalizer Graphical Statistics, AWStats Graphical Statistics, Advanced Visitor Counters and Bandwidth Statistics for free. In addition to this Google Sitemap Generator and Error & Access/ Agent Logs are also included without any additional cost.

Access Features

Master FTP account helps you to update your website easily. If you want to give others the access to share the web development projects without giving them access to the entire website, you can make use of additional FTP logins feature. There is an SSH access feature for advanced users which gives you access to the server hosting your website. Using this you can manipulate the website files via Linux commands.

Database Features

If you’re a savvy user, you may already know databases. With databases, you can store all your important information in a format that can be read by other programs and systems in an easy manner. This feature also allows you to store your customer information. MySQL web interface allows you to manage MySQL databases online via phpMyAdmin in a simple manner.

Apps and Scripts

HeartInternet offers a number of application software for different purposes. The apps can be installed easily by just a single click. Apps are available for blogging, e-commerce, social media, gallery, forums, community management, content management and easy customization among many others.

HeartInternet comes with a bunch of free tools as well. You will have access to over 100 premium templates, high quality customizable logos, web icons etc. Availability of over 100 fonts makes sure that you will have the perfect look for your website. Your websites can be made more interactive by using JavaScript Generator.

DataCenters and Options

HeartInternet uses cloud technology and the 10Gb/s network is based on Cisco architecture provides extra protections against server failures. They collaborated with IBM to build data centers for perfection and better optimization. They have two DCs and are located in Derby and Leeds. The diverse fiber network helps to bypass any problem and maintains the critical links. A load balancing technology brings other servers into play when there is high load on a server to maintain high performance.

Customer Support

The website offers 24X7 customer support via phone and internet each day of the year in UK. The customer service associates are well trained to help you with any hosting problem or give you information. The waiting time is pretty low and most of the times you would be in touch with a customer service associate in less than a couple of minutes.

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