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Founded originally as OnClick Solutions Ltd. by Israeli based Neran Ashkenazi in the year 2004, HelpOnClick became a registered company in the U.S. in 2012. The company specializes in producing sales and customer service software for small and medium sized businesses.


HelpOnClick provides a number of chat window themes to match your website. You can choose from a variety of colors and customize the text on your chat window. If you run more than one website, you can use the same chat account for all websites, and yet customize each one differently. This allows you to synchronize your chat panel with the look and feel of individual websites. Pre-chat questionnaires can also be customized to get the information you need from your visitors.

Real Time Monitoring

In order to identify your customer's needs, HelpOnClick offers real-time information about your site’s visitors. This allows your chat operator to view the visitor’s path, referrer, keywords used and current page before they initiate a chat with them. By observing their actions or which page they are currently on, a chat operator can appropriately position a product or service that would benefit the visitor.

Invitation Options

HelpOnClick allows you to offer chat invitations to a visitor after they’ve been on your website for a certain length of time. You can also decide to invite a visitor manually if and when you feel they need assistance. There are also "soft" and "hard" chat invitation options that allow you to be subtle (by using a widget) or use an aggressive strategy (by using a lightbox), depending on your requirements.  

Time-saving Tools

For optimum utilization of your resources, HelpOnClick provides a number of time-saving tools. A library of canned messages helps your agents respond quickly to commonly asked questions. Operators can run multiple chats at the same time, which makes it particularly useful for websites that deal with heavy web traffic. If a visitor has specific questions that are applicable to a different department, you can easily transfer them to the concerned person instead of searching (or relaying) the right answers.

Virtual Agent

An intelligent automated communication system can take over the task of responding to your site’s visitors when your own agents are offline. The Virtual Agent can analyze a human inquiry and provide answers from its knowledge base or even your website's FAQ section.

Web, Desktop and Mobile

The live chat software provides a full-featured web interface in addition to desktop (for Windows and Mac) and mobile applications (for iOS and Android devices). This ensures that your customers can connect with you even if they’re on the move or travelling in another country.


HelpOnClick's chat software provides seamless integration with popular CMS, ecommerce, Helpdesk and CRM applications such as WordPress, Magento, Zendesk and Salesforce among others. In addition, they provides you a live chat application for Facebook, which allows both existing and potential customers to connect with you right on your Facebook page. Social media buttons for Twitter, Google+ and Facebook can be added directly onto the chat window to obtain more followers and increased visibility.

The software also automatically detects and integrates with Google Analytics on your website. This lets you track the number of clicks on the chat widget, number of chats by operator, failed invitations, etc.


HelpOnClick's provides supports for its software via live chat, email, and phone/Skype. The site also runs a blog to keep its users up-to-date with the latest news and information.  


HelpOnClick's live chat software works well as an active customer engagement tool for business of all sizes. Pre-chat invitation options, effortlessly integration with a range of third-party applications and a variety of quick response tools ensure that your customers are always well served.

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