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HireWriter for Clients

If you are looking for quality and efficient content on various topics without any financial burden, HireWriters can be your favorite online destination. It is an online content writing service where you can find good quality content at most affordable prices. You can expect content for different styles such as articles, blogs, press releases, Web content, and even rewrites.

How to Use It?

For getting the content written by a proficient writer, you need to register as a client and fund your account with at least $10 for placing the orders. Right now, your first deposit brings you a bonus of 25%, which is truly rewarding. While placing the order, you can specify the number of articles required for a specific keyword, special instructions for following a specific writing approach, and a specific tone.

The Ranking System

This is a plus point that helps you select the writers as per the desired level of quality for each order. Currently, the writers are rated as Beginner, General, Skilled, and Expert. By default, all writers are beginners and they proceed further by writing well for more and more orders of other clients.

To move to General, a writer needs to complete at least three jobs with an average rating of 4 stars and timely delivery rating of 65%. Similarly, an Expert writer has already finished 12 jobs with an average rating of 4.6 stars and on-time rating of 85%. More the rank, the higher is the pay as the writer has grabbed that position by doing more number of assignments on time.

The best part is that you get writers not only from America but also from Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland.

The Work Process

You can order a project to be completed in less than 72 hours. Once the article is submitted, you need to review it for accepting or rejecting the work done. In case it is not up to your mark, you can request revisions until the desired level of quality is obtained. You can even deny (block) the writer for poor quality after which he or she cannot write your articles again. In case you like the work, you can add that writer to your favorite list and send orders directly to him or her. You only pay for the approved articles, which means getting the best out of your money.

Spun Content

Another noteworthy feature of HireWriter is spun version of the approved article. You can download your approved articles either in text and/or spun format. The latter format allows creating variations of your article easily, which you can use in any article rewriting or back linking tool after careful editing.

We however are not sure why would you use spun version of content these days when most clients are more after highly engaging content rather than various versions of same content but after all its everyone’s personal choice to use this features when it already comes for free.

It is also vital to note that you can order different projects that include proof reading, data entry jobs, and Facebook Fan Page posts.

HireWriter for Writers

HireWriters is a content writing service online where the clients can hire writers to get the desired content, right from a simple article to an eBook. It aims to offer both clients and writers a safe and steadfast environment for a strong relationship with mutual business.

While a client can find hundreds of skilled writers in any niche, a writer can find a variety of topics to get started for brand oneself as a proficient professional and make money. Unlike other content services, HireWriters does not demand a skill test, short writing sample, or a resume. You are rated based on how well you write for the clients.  

To Become a Writer

This is quick and easy, as you only need to fill a simple application form for proving your authenticity and submit personal information. The form also asks about your writing experience and the reason to write for the service provider so that the service team can determine whether you should be writing or not for HireWriters. Interestingly, unlike other services, this one hires writers from different native English speaking countries namely, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland.

After successful signing up, you are asked to submit a writing sample, which is optional. However, it is recommended so that the clients can see and find it easy to shortlist you while searching for writers. As a tip, do also submit niche- and skill-based keywords so that it becomes easy for the clients to search you.

The Ranking System

This is a major feature of HireWriters, a system that gives you a rating to advance from the Beginner level to General, Skilled, and finally Expert. All writers start from the Beginner level but slowly proceed with the completion of more writing jobs. Moving upwards depends upon the reviews from the clients, timely delivery of assignments, and number of jobs done.

When you complete minimum three jobs and gain an average rating of 4 stars and at on-time 65% rating on being on time to deliver, you move to General. Similarly, for being an Expert, you need to complete 12 jobs and gain an average rating of 4.6 stars with 85% rating of being on time.

Writing, Review, and Payment Processes

You can search for requested articles and select the most suitable ones. You can clarify your doubts with the client to work free of confusion. After submitting your work in the stipulated period, the client can accept or reject it, or can even ask to fix it for resubmission. The latter does not harm your rating but helps in improving, as the client re-reviews the work and rate your writing. Payments can be received every Friday when your account reaches $10.


HireWriters is truly a hassle-free way of getting quality content at good rates and strict time span, in case you lack time to write.

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