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By: Trellian Limited From Australia

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Keyword Discovery is a keyword research tool created by Trellian Limited in 2004, which is a software company based in Beumaris, Victoria, Australia, that focuses on providing useful tools for internet marketers and online businesses, so that they can successfully compete with their competitors. Some of the software created by Trellian includes Keyword Discovery,, Direct Search Network, and

Huge Keyword Database

Other keyword research tools may only rely on the database provided by Google, Bing, and some other big name search engines. But, Keyword Discovery combines the keyword data from approximately 200 search engines that are available online. This includes regional search engines, which are usually only available in certain countries. With this feature, you get a huge keyword database that is the real representation of all online activities, not just activities done with the Google search engine. The keyword database includes global premium keyword database, industry keywords, shopping keywords, and niche-specific keywords.

Keyword Research Features

Keyword Discovery offers a complete keyword research features that help to improve your website ranking and attract more traffic to your website. With competitor analysis, you can take a peek on the top traffic websites based on each keyword, which helps to identify your main competitors for a particular keyword. Keyword project allows you to organize all your campaign data in the form of projects, which you can copy, delete, and edit according to your needs. The Yahoo PPC bid tool allows you to find some useful information regarding Yahoo PPC bid in relation to the keywords that you have found using the software.

Keyword Research Options

Keyword Discovery provides various keyword research options, such as broad match search, thesaurus, competitors, phrase search, domain score search, and more. In this way, you can make variations in your research process to obtain different results, and add them to your project. You can also search for spelling mistakes and typos, industry categories, related keywords, inflected form, along with useful features like adult filter, exclude keywords, keyword manager, plural search inclusion, and remove space search.

Comprehensive Keyword Reports

The reports that are provided by the Keyword Discovery software give you the full information regarding various things related to the search terms that are being used worldwide. The top search term lists give you a complete report about the top keywords that are being searched online, and you can narrow the report to a certain search engine or region. Exhaustive keyword lists give you a list of long tail keywords based on the keyword that you type into the software. Keyword statistics give the keyword trends that are differentiated by country, giving you the information regarding how some keywords are popular in some countries while other keywords are not. The industry-specific keyword lists provide the list of keywords that are differentiated based on the niche or industry for easy categorization.


With the power of 200 search engines behind this software, Keyword Discovery can become one of the most powerful and accurate keyword research tools that you can find online. It provides comprehensive reports for each keyword that you target, giving you more useful analytics that you can use to improve your website ranking in the long run. The huge keyword database allows you to get the complete data that you can find from various search engines around the world. With the pricing plans suited for different types of businesses, as well as reasonable pricing options, you can pick the one that is best suited for you, without having to break your budget.

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