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KnownHost is a private web hosting company based on West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States, founded in 2005. The mission of this company is to provide a premium VPS hosting solution at an affordable price. With customers all over the world and with more than 10 years of experience, KnownHost has built many data centers on East Coast, West Coast, and Texas areas. Customers can choose their desired data center for their ordered server.

Easily Scalable

KnownHost provides full scalability for their hosting plans, without the unnecessary downtime during the process. If you decide to either upgrade or downgrade your VPS hosting plan, you can do it smoothly without having to sacrifice your site’s performance because of it. You will not need to do any migration process, and the upgrade or downgrade process of your plan will be done immediately, without changing your current server settings.

Different Control Panels to Choose

KnownHost provides three different control panels to choose for your server. These control panels are cPanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin. You can choose the one that you want to install on your server. However, if you don’t want to install any control panel software on your server, you can also do that. If you choose not to install anything, you will work with the command line and you can install whatever you want to install on your server.

Premium Hosting With Affordable Price

The company offers services of premium hosting with affordable price. It doesn’t mean that the quality of the service will be reduced due to the price of the service. With KnownHost, you get the best quality hosting with plenty of features like the features that you can get from the more expensive web hosting plans, but with a fraction of the price. There are various options that you can choose for your VPS hosting plan to match your needs. Also, you can choose the data center that you want to use for your server, since KnownHost has many data centers spread on the East Coast, West
Coast, and Texas areas.

Divided Resources for Maximum Performance

Performance is important when it comes to choosing the best VPS hosting provider. KnownHost offers the highest performance for each server, because it has a system to divide resources for each server, so that each server will have their own technical specifications, even though they are on the same hardware. This will help to optimize the performance of each server, and also, prevent other users from affecting the performance of your server, even though they are on the same hardware as you.

Custom-built Hardware with Maximum Quality

KnownHost only uses high quality hardware that is custom-built for their servers. Each hardware component has enterprise grade to ensure its quality and performance. The custom-built servers are then hosted in the data centers across the USA, in order to provide the stability and performance needed for the customers.

Fully-Optimized Server with High Uptime Guarantee

The server is fully optimized for your need, which means that your websites or web applications will run smoothly, without lagging and any other technical problem. The servers are also fully optimized for high traffic, which will retain your website or web application performance even though they are being accessed by a high number of visitors at the same time. KnownHost provides highest uptime guarantee for the servers, which ensures the highest reliability and availability for your servers to be up and running all the time.


In the middle of hundreds of competitive VPS hosting providers that offer really expensive pricing for their plans, KnownHost comes into the field offering premium VPS hosting plans at an affordable price. If you are looking for the best value for your VPS investment, KnownHost is a VPS hosting provider that is worth to try, since it will give you the best price with the best quality server that you can use for your needs.

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