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Lime Talk is a widget chatting software that helps you to chat with your website visitors and turn them into customers. It is released by Lime Talk, a company established in 2012 and based in Prague, Czech Republic. The goal of the company is to help the users of the software to be able to increase their company profits by getting in touch with their customers using the Lime Talk chat system.

Easy To Install And Customize

One of the best features of Lime Talk is that it allows you to install the software without having to install it in a complicated way. You just need to copy and paste a short HTML code that you can insert in your website, and the chat widget will be displayed immediately. Since it works completely in the cloud, you don’t need to worry about the installation so much. The customization options offered by the software allow you to change the appearance of your chat widget to match with your website design. It can help you to blend the chat widget with your overall website design to add more aesthetic aspects for your website.

Mobile Device Chat

Whether your website visitors access your website through a desktop computer or mobile device, they can still use the software to chat with your operators. For mobile devices, the chat widget is designed to be responsive, which means that your visitors can chat with your operators comfortably on the small screen of their smartphone or tablet. It allows them to ask about anything related to your products on the go. The software is also compatible with applications designed for Jabber.

Automatic Chat Message

You can invite your website visitors to chat with you with the automatic chat message that can be triggered a few minutes after they access your website. In this way, you can offer them whether to chat directly with your sales operators if they have any question in mind. You can set the automatic chat invitation message to pop up anytime based on your preferences. In this way, you can pro-actively reach your customers and make them feel more interested in your business.

Team Collaboration And Reporting

With Lime Talk, you can allow your operators to collaborate with each other, and ensure that they can track their performance. When one operator is having trouble assisting a customer, they can reach the other operator to help him assist the customer. In this way, you can build an integrated support system for your business. The reporting system also tells how effective they are converting your visitors into customers. In this way, you will be able to let your operators work together to help attract more customers into your business.

White Label Feature

When using Lime Talk as your chat software for your website, the Lime Talk logo appears in the chat system. However, the software also offers the users an option to white label the chat widget by hiding the logo. This simple feature can help to add more positive image to your company brand. With the white label feature, your website visitors can trust your company more, because they can see your company brand in the chat window.


Lime Talk offers comprehensive features that help you to turn your website visitors into customers. This simple chat software is easy to install, and it is fully customizable, making this software suitable for any website design. With the automated chat invitation message, you can pro-actively invite your visitors to chat with you while they are browsing your website, instead of waiting them to start the chat session. The team collaboration feature also helps your operators to work with each other, allowing you to assist your potential customers more effectively.

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