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LogoNerds is a high quality logo design service provided by LogoNerds.com since 2007. Aside from providing logo design service for small businesses, LogoNerds also provides other services, such as website design, flyer creation, brochure design, postcard design, Facebook design, Twitter design, and more.

Logo Creation in 4 Steps

LogoNerds provides logo creation service in 4 simple steps. The first step is to pick the service that you want to use and fill in the questionnaire that comes with it. Second, you get the concept designs for your logo, which you need to review later. Third, you send your feedback about the concept designs, and based on your feedback, the team at LogoNerds does the revision. Fourth, once the revision is done, your professional logo is delivered to your email address.

Satisfaction Guarantee and Risk-Free Service

This logo creation service provides satisfaction guarantee and risk-free service for their clients. It means that you get what you want, and if you feel disappointed at the logo that you receive, the team gives you the replacement logo free of charge. The team ensures that you get the best logo that you can use for your business, and they ensure that you are highly satisfied with it. Each logo creation service plan comes with free revisions, so you can always get the best logo for your business according to what you want.

Professional Web Logo

The professional web logo creation is the cheapest plan that you can choose from this service. With this plan, you can create a custom logo for your website and get it delivered within 3-5 business days. You get web-ready formats for your logo, along with 3 different concepts for your logo. This plan is suitable for you if you are only using this logo online.

Professional Business Logo

Professional business logo creation service from LogoNerds provides an affordable service for your business needs. You can either use your logo online, or you can print it for your offline publications. You get the print-ready and web-ready formats for your logo. You also get 6 different logo design concepts. Your logo is delivered between 3-5 business days.

Character Mascot Design

If you need a mascot for your company or business, but doesn’t know how to create a good mascot for your business, you can use the character mascot design service from LogoNerds. It offers 3 different poses that you can choose according to your company image. You also get print-ready and web-ready formats for your mascot design. The completed design is delivered within 7 days.

Other Services

Aside from offering design creation service, LogoNerds also offers various other design-related services for various purposes. The website design service provides a service for you to design the HTML and CSS template for your website. The flyer design service provides a service for you to design flyers for your business publications. The brochure design service provides a service for you to create brochures for your business. Other design-related services offered by this company include postcard design, Facebook graphic set, Twitter background design, logo repair, template design, headers, web banner, identity package, business card design, holiday-themed logo design, favicon, e-book cover, labels, stickers, and icons.


If you are looking for an affordable logo creation service, LogoNerds is the one place to go. Compared with similar services, this company provides high quality services for a fraction of the price. Also, with free revisions and satisfaction guarantee, you can always get the best logo you can get for your business, which ensures no risk for your investment. It also has quick delivery time, which ensures that you get the logo you want within a week from your order date. This service is recommended for small businesses that want to get the best logo for their business in the most budget-friendly price.

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