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By: Noble Samurai Pty Ltd From Australia

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Market Samurai is a keyword research tool released in 2008 by Noble Samurai, an organization built based on the mission to help improve the market research process, especially applied for search engine marketing. Noble Samurai builds many useful applications that help internet marketers in their market research, including niche research process, as well as general marketing process, such as article submission and domain name pick up. Noble Samurai’s headquarter is located in Blackburn, Victoria, Australia.

The 4 Golden Rules of SEO

Market Samurai is not just a keyword research tool. Behind the structure of the software, lays the kind of philosophy that drives this software to evolve over time. The software is based on the 4 golden rules of SEO, and it works as an effective tool to apply the rules to your business. With these golden rules, the keywords that you get from Market Samurai are keywords that are really profitable for your business. Within the Market Samurai philosophy, a failure in applying just one golden rule can ruin your entire search engine marketing process. Thus, the software ensures your success in applying the 4 golden rules of SEO in your business, which therefore helps to ensure the success of your business.

Accurate Keyword Research Data

The accuracy of Market Samurai can be relied upon when you are searching for relevant keywords for your niche, especially the keywords that have relatively little traffic per month. The search volume data retrieved by this software are gathered directly from Google, and they are accurate data, not estimates. Further, the software provides accurate cost per click and CTR data from Google AdWords, which is again, not just estimates. Moreover, you can get the search trend data directly from Google through Market Samurai, which is delivered to you in real time.

Weak Competition Data

In online business, it is important for you to spot the little market that has little or no competition, and profit from it. Market Samurai provides weak competition data that you can use to find more opportunities within your business niche. It means that this software can get you the keywords that are most profitable for you and easier to rank for in the search engine. To do this, you don’t need to spend hours or days using this software. You just need to spend about 15 minutes to spot the keywords with weak competition data within your niche.

Easy Way to Build Content for Your Website

Market Samurai provides you a lot of useful tools to build high quality content for your website. Once you’ve found the keywords to target, content building might be one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks that you need to do. But, with this software, you get all the research data that you need to build high quality content right within the software itself. It means that you can start writing your content based on the keywords that you target, without even leaving the software. This feature helps you to boost the time to build your website, as well as rank your website in the search engine result even more quickly.


Market Samurai has been around for years in helping search engine marketers cut down their research time. With useful features that you can use to find profitable keywords and build your website, this software has become one of the best keyword research tools available online. The data offered by this software are accurate, so that you don’t get fooled with estimates and false data that some other tools may provide to you, which may potentially waste your time and effort if you act on them. This software also comes with a lifetime license for one time purchase, which means that you don’t need to pay a monthly subscription to use this software.

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