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Founded in 2008 in Irvine, California, Mavenlink is a Web-based project collaboration and management service that offers simplifying the workflow and boosting productivity. It is full of several tools and features for collaboration, reporting, project management, and social media presence for taking the experience from managing projects to managing business. That platform is used by more than 600,000 users from 100+ countries according to the official website.

The online software operating as the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform enables managing finance and teams, right from the start of the project to the end, all under one roof without worrying about server management or installation. It is ideal for streaming project activity, efficient tasking, file sharing, and real-time interactions.

Different Plans & Versions

There are three versions on offer, Mavenlink Teams, Professional and Premier. All of them come with a free trial and further share features such as project management tools, Gantt charts, and personalization tools. However, the Premier comes with more features such as finance management tools, advanced project management tools, resource management, and reporting with analytics. You can even use its free version that comes with the basic project management tools.


Mavenlink facilitates businesses to work together with their clients and employees through a user-friendly dashboard. You will be able to find all features, right from project collaboration to budgeting and from time tracking to invoicing. The interface is an HTML 5 application that allows access from any mobile device.

Collaboration and Team Management

This starts from an intuitively designed central dashboard that is clean and clear in showing the project details. You can view the project status, navigate payments and messages, share files, view activities of others online such as comments, create a schedule, send mails, and share information through community pages.

For your team, you can create tasks and assign them, delegate access rights, share private files, manage the actions your team can perform online. Through this dashboard, you are bound to offer your team and clients an SSL-secured access to your project.

File Management

The dashboard allows sharing multiple files up to 20GB across projects and viewing them instantly via the integrated Scribd technology. You and your team can also view all project documents in one collaborative feed due to Google Apps integration. Further, the software allows centralizing as well as posting the documents and team comments with a time stamp for proper tracking.

Communication and Tasks

Mavellink centralizes all communication in one location as activity feed just like popular social networks do. These communications also allow uploading files, reply others comments and filter these communication.

Task management is a core part of any project management software. MavelLink offers advanced task management with features like Task Tracker where tasks can be created, updated and monitored with ease. Tasks can be also divided into sub-tasks for for better workflow management.

Upgraded Account Features

If you choose to upgrade your account, you can take advantage of advanced features such as budgeting with negotiating, customizing Mavenlink, requesting payment online, tracking expenses and time of all projects, changing orders, managing budgets and invoices, and using QuickBooks.

Although Quickbooks integration is commendable, Mavenlink cannot integrate with other accounting and financial programs. Similarly, the options to generate reports are restricted time, budget, and expense although task and user reports can be essential.


Mavenlink is customer-oriented software that is useful for small setups such as freelancers and non-profits. This SaaS platform is quite powerful with its collaboration and diverse management functionality.

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