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By: Movavi Software Limited.

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Movavi Slideshow Maker is a slideshow creation software created and developed by Movavi, a software company founded in 2004 and based in Apsiou, Cyprus. The company has been focused on producing various multimedia programs since its establishment, with the goal to help people to enjoy their multimedia files more easily on any device. The mission of the company is to create multimedia software that is easy to use, accessible, and user-friendly, which can be used in any device and produce any output format.

Handy Timeline To Organize Your Photo Presentation

The unique feature that is available in the Movavi Slideshow Maker software is the timeline feature, which allows you to organize your photos according to the time you want them shown in the slideshow. This feature has been designed to make it easier to control the way your slideshow flow in the video presentation, giving you the full control exactly how long each photo is displayed in your presentation. With this timeline feature, it also makes it easier for you to put the effects and transitions that you want to have in your presentation, which includes the music as well.

Transitions, Music, Titles, And Special Effects

There are various transitions and special effects that you can add to your presentation with this software. Also, you can add your own background music for your slideshow, which can make it even more exciting to watch. You can add your titles for each chapter to make the transition even more meaningful. Three categories are available for the transitions, which are geometric, simple, and artistic, with the ability to add fade effects in your transition in a single click. For the music, the software provides various ways to adjust your music tracks, including changing the tempo and adjusting the slide duration for the music.

Five Easy Steps To Create A Stunning Slideshow

It is very easy to create a stunning slide show presentation with the Movavi Slideshow Maker software. In fact, you only need to follow five simple steps to get your slideshow ready for presentation. The first step is adding the media files to your presentation, which can include photos, videos, slides, or folders. The second step is adding the transitions for each slide. The third step is adding the music for the slideshow, with the ability to adjust the tempo of the music. The fourth step is adding titles and effects to your slideshow photos, which can make each slide unique. And the fifth step is saving the output file, which you can then open in various devices.

Basic Photo Editing Features

To make each photo in your slideshow presentation look the best, this software provides various photo editing tools to make your overall presentation even more stunning. There are some basic photo editing features that are available for you to use, such as cut and rotate, crop and zoom, and enhance quality. The cut and rotate feature allows you to cut your photos and remove unwanted parts of your photos, as well as rotate your photos in the way you want. The crop and zoom feature allows you to crop your photos and take only the part that you want, or zoom your photos in and out. The enhance quality feature allows you to enhance the quality of your photos in just a single click.

Microphone Recording To Enhance Your Presentation

Aside from the ability to add music tracks to your slideshow, this software also allows you to add your own voice to your presentation. The voice-over can be easily added to your presentation using the microphone on your computer. With this feature, it is very easy to narrate a story for your slideshow so that you can make your presentation look more interesting to watch.


Movavi Slideshow Maker is the software that you can use to create a stunning slideshow presentation in just five quick steps. There are various transitions and special effects that you can use for your slideshow presentations, which can be chosen from various categories. You can also add your own music tracks and voice-over easily to your slideshow presentation to make it look more interesting to watch. Then, once create your slideshow, you can save it to be watched on multiple devices, or you can share it to various social media platforms. All in all, this is the right software for you to use if you want to create the kind of slideshow that can captivate the attention of your viewers.

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