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By: Martin Pesch

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Mp3DirectCut is an mp3 audio editor and recorder software created and developed in the year 2000 by Martin Pesch, a software developer from Germany. This software is aimed to help people who want to edit their audio files quickly and easily, with simple yet versatile mp3 editing and recording features. Mp3DirectCut is an mp3 cutter software that is a part of other mp3 audio tools that are developed by the same developer.

Simple MP3 Editing Operations

The first thing that you can notice from Mp3DirectCut is the simplicity of the software itself. The software has a simple functionality, which is to edit and record mp3 files. You can edit your audio files in the mp3 format in very simple ways. The user interface is very simple, and you can perform the editing operations mostly in just a single click. There is no need for you to learn about how to use the features of the software, as the software offers those features in a very straightforward manner. All you need to do is to load the mp3 files that you want to edit, and then apply various editing operations into the file.

Support For Layer 2 And AAC

While this software mostly supports the mp3 file with MPEG encoding, it also supports other audio formats, such as Layer 2 mp3 and AAC formats. The Layer 2 mp3 is the audio file that you can usually extract from DVD media. AAC is the format that is used to create lossless audio files, which basically has a superior quality than the regular mp3 files. The good news is that the software can handle both the Layer 2 audio and the AAC audio just fine, so you don’t need to convert those files into the regular mp3 format before doing your editing process.

Edit Long MP3 Files

While Mp3DirectCut is presented as a simple audio editing and recording tool, it has a versatile functionality that allows you to edit various types of mp3 files. It works quickly and accurately in editing your mp3 audio, which helps to make your overall audio editing process faster. With this software, you can edit long mp3 files using cue sheet or auto cue. In this way, you don’t need to manually divide the long file into several parts before doing the editing process using this software. It also has the pause detection feature to make cutting or editing long mp3 files even easier for you to do.

Batch Processing Support

If you are a professional audio editor, you might need to edit multiple audio files in just a single operation. With this software, editing mp3 files in batch can easily be done by adding all the mp3 files that you want to edit and apply the desired operation that you want to perform. Once you do that, the software can process the editing operation for all the files all at once. It also has a command line usage function that allows you to execute the editing operations more quickly using the command line.

Easy Navigation With MPEG Visualization

One of the best features that you can get from Mp3DirectCut is the MPEG visualization feature, which is presented in such a way that can help you to edit your mp3 audio more accurately. The fast audio visualization gives you the workaround to quickly edit your mp3 files and seeing the change in details, with bitrate visualization available as well. The software is easy to navigate, and you can easily find all the options to perform your editing operations. You can fast play or loop play your mp3 files to make sure that all the editing process is done properly.


Rather than using the complex audio editing tool just to edit your mp3 files, you can use Mp3DirectCut to perform various editing operations for your mp3 files quickly and easily. It supports Layer 2 audio and AAC audio format as well, which gives you the flexibility in your audio editing process. It can also record mp3 audio on the fly in just a single click, with a good quality sound that you can easily cut or edit later. It allows you to edit long mp3 files, as well as perform editing operations for multiple mp3 files at the same time. Overall, if you want to use a simple mp3 audio editing tool that can do all the editing work easily and accurately, this is the right software for you to use.

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