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By: Florian Heidenreich.
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We love to rip audio CDs to get portable MP3 files on our computers. But, a lot of times, the ripping software does not export the title tags and you usually wind up with the unidentifiable files. After having ripped lots of CDs, retagging each title manually could be pretty difficult and frustrating. This is where MP3TAG application comes to the rescue. It helps you easily retag the files and saves you a lot of hard work.

Mp3tag is a free to use application which helps you organize the MP3 audio files ripped from the CDs. One of the best things about this application is its interface. The intuitively designed front of the app is extremely easy to use and allows you to conveniently add all the information you need in order to identify the MP3 file. This application also lets you use your mouse to drag and drop the files and even album art onto the interface.  

Several versions of this MP3 tag editor app have been released over the last couple of years. The latest, Mp3tag v2.81 features an enhanced installer that makes installation even easier. It includes various new functionality including portable installation and admin elevation. V2.81 now also supports iTunes. A number of new patches have also been introduced to fix the bugs that plagued the previous versions.

Main Features

The latest version lets you add the Vorbis Comments and Tags simultaneously to multiple files. You can add the album covers to the audio files allowing you to make your music library appear more visually appealing and aesthetic. You can also now download the cover art. When you attach the album cover which does not fit the size, you can modify the aspect ratio too so that it does not appear out of place or distorted.

MP3Tag easily looks up for the information from the online databases and imports the tags from them. It includes online database support for MusicBrainz, Amazon, freedb, discogs, and a few more. This application also removes the unintelligible strings and characters and replaces them with more semantically viable filenames and tags. Mp3Tag can also automatically rename the file with the tags. You can also create tags using the filenames. The app offers full Unicode compliance as well.

The tags can be easily edited for the title, artist, track number, album, genre, and the year of release.  

Creating playlist with Mp3Tag is exceptionally easy as you can build the playlist at the time of editing. Playlist management is also quite simple with the intuitive and easy to use interface.

You can also easily export the tags and other file details to various formats including CSV, RTF and HTML. If you need to see the reports pertaining to the audio collection, there are plenty of customizable templates at your disposal.  

Batch Editing

Batch editing does merit a special mention for it makes your life dramatically easier. It saves you a great deal of time and helps you sidestep many hassles. All you need to do is select as many files as you want using the mouse and drop them onto the Mp3Tag screen. That done, you can add album art and any other relevant information to all the files at one go. This is all the more useful when you have ripped a whole lot of audio CDs but your ripper simply ignored to add the information to the files.  

While batch-editing the files there is one thing you need to be very careful about. Do not forget to hit the 'save' button or else you will lose all the information. This is one of the very rare drawbacks of this otherwise incredible tag editor.  But, because it does carry out all other tasks so effectively, we would not mind overlooking this rather glaring shortcoming.


Having seen and used various tag editors for MP3 over the years, we can very confidently say that Mp3tag is the best among the best. It is easy to install and even easier to use. It has a user-friendly interface that makes your tag editing job much easier.

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