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NetNanny is an internet filtering and parental control software created and developed by Content Watch Holdings, Inc., a software company founded in 2001 and based in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. The focus of the company is to help families protect the internet activities of their underage family members, so that they don’t get exposed to inappropriate materials online. The software provided by the company offers various filtering features to ensure that all types of inappropriate materials are blocked in the devices used by the users.

The Highest-Ranking Parental Control Features

NetNanny offers one of the best parental control features on the market today, with various options to ensure that your children don’t access any websites that they are not supposed to access. With the plan that allows you to use the software on multiple devices, you can easily apply the parental control lock on the devices used by your younger family members. You can set which websites that you allow your children to visit, and which websites that they cannot visit. This way, your children are safe from getting exposed to information that they are not supposed to know at a young age. This includes images and videos that they see on the net.

Lots Of Internet Filtering Options

Aside from providing the best parental control system on the market, this software can also be used as a regular internet filtering software for both the individuals and the whole family. There are lots of internet filtering options that you can find in this software. By taking advantage of the latest technology on content filtering, this software can help you to block websites that you don’t want to access. There is the preferences option that you can pick to determine which websites are good for you, and which websites are bad for you. In this way, you always have a full control in your internet activity.

Block Pornography And Mask Profanity Online

Pornography is rampant in today’s age of the internet, and also, there are lots of people who don’t think twice before writing comments full of profanity online. Since anyone can use the comment section or social media, they can easily put profane words in their comments or social media updates. NetNanny takes care of both pornography and profanity in your internet activity. It blocks all websites that feature any kind of pornographic content, and also, it masks any kind of profane words that you see in any website. It helps you and your family to stay safe while browsing online.

Time Management For Device Usage

Sometimes, children are too focused on browsing the net that they don’t remember their homework, or aware that they are spending too much time accessing the internet. Whether they watch YouTube videos, play with social media, or simply try to find some information online, it is important for you to control their internet usage. Otherwise, they might get negative effects from their online activities. Thus, this software offers a time management for the device usage of your family members. You can set how many hours that your children can spend on the internet, and block the internet off completely once they surpass the limit.

Monitor Social Media Activities

Nowadays, anyone can create a social media account and interact with others online. However, it is also worthy to note that social media is not always a safe place, especially for teenagers and underage children. Sometimes, children are getting bullied in social media, and they become depressed because of it. Unless the parents take an active approach to monitor their social media activity, many children may not be able to survive the cyber bullying and other problems associated with social media. NetNanny provides you the tool necessary to monitor the social media activities of your family members, so that they stay safe when interacting with other people online.

Remote Admin And User Profiles

This software allows you to access the devices used by your family members remotely, and you can assign user profiles for each family member in which this software is used. This is useful when you are not at home to monitor what your children are doing online. You can simply access the control panel through the internet to keep on monitoring their activities from a distance. You also get access to each user that uses this software, so you can disable their online activity anytime that you need, from anywhere.

Alerts And Reporting System

As a parental control software, NetNanny is a good software that keeps you updated with the activities that your children are doing online. With the alerts and reporting system that is included in this tool, you can immediately get notified about the online activity of your children. The alerts and reports are delivered via email, so that you can know what they are doing immediately, and take the necessary precautions from the admin panel to stop their online activity. The reports also give you the insights about what your family members do online during the month or any specific time period.


NetNanny is a complete parental control and internet filtering software that can help you to control the internet activity of your family members easily. It helps you to block various inappropriate content on the internet, such as pornography and profanity. Also, it helps you to monitor the social media activity of your children, ensuring that they stay safe in their communication with other people online. With the time management feature, you can set the time allocation for your children to access the internet, so that they don’t spend too much time browsing the internet every day. In conclusion, this is a great internet filtering and parental control software that any parents or individuals should have if they are concerned about their own internet activity or the online activity of their family members.

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