Employee Monitoring Software

Sometimes in a business field, it becomes a necessity to track the employees as the turn out may seem a bit down in case of work efficiency. Employees at office may spend time playing or even chatting over their computers. Now for someone, it may seem that they are working but actually they are not. Thus to stop the nuisance, an employee monitoring software is needed to keep a tab on them. Below are a few best employee monitoring software that not only monitors but also blocks the user from accessing certain sites, file locations or downloading items over the internet.


Provides the ultimate monitoring solution that you can use to track your device usage remotely.

By: mSpy.
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Flexi is mainly an employee monitoring app that helps in tracking an employee’s attendance as well as the work performed.

By: NCH Software, Inc. From USA


Workplus is a great office productivity tool that monitors all clock-ins and clock-outs as well as the activities of your employees on their system during work hours.

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Norton Family

Provides a complete protection that your children need to stay safe online.

By: Symantec Corporation


Activtrak is a cloud based application that helps in monitoring of the employers regardless of place and distant workers.

By: Birch Grove Software, Inc. From USA
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WebWatcher is a software for parental and office tracking purposes. It comes...

By: Awareness Technologies, Inc From USA


Allows you to filter various types of inappropriate content on the internet, including pornography, profanity, and social media.

By: Watch Holdings, Inc.


Teramind is a cloud based application that helps in monitoring user activity at a workplace.

By: Teramind Inc. From USA
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Offers a range of parental control and internet filtering features for family, school, and business to ensure that your device usage is under control.

By: Qustodio LLC.


Allows you to apply the advanced filtering options for various types of devices, including desktop, mobile devices, and smartwatch.

By: Mobicip.LLC

Activity monitor

Activity monitor is a desktop application that helps in real time tracking of multiple workstations.

By: Deep Software Inc. From Canada


The employee tracking application is mainly a desktop one that works on a web based platform.

By: Refog Inc. From USA


Allows you to protect your children while doing their online activities on their smartphone or tablet.

By: Retina-X Studios, LLC.


StaffCop is a secured corporate software that keeps track of all the employee activity in a workplace.

By: Atom Security, Inc. From Russia
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Provides a proven internet filtering and parental control system, with the main focus to eradicate porn from your online activities.

By: Covenant Eyes


InterGuard is a cloud based software that provides tracking for workers and remove users, Filtering web data, prevention of data loss and recovery module for anti theft issues.

By: Awareness Technologies, Inc. From USA

HT Employee Monitor

HT Employee Monitor is a software for monitoring and blocking activities by different employees in an organisation.

By: Hidetools Inc.


OSMonitor is an employee tracking software that works over tracking and blocking any workstation.

By: Wangya Computer Co., Ltd.
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iMonitor EAM

iMonitor EAM is an employee tracking software that can help a business owner restrict and track multiple devices in a workplace.

By: iMonitor Soft Ltd. From USA


SentryPC is a web based application that helps in tracking an employee’s activities.

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SurveilStar is an employee tracking tool that helps in tracking the employee activities and blocking as necessary.

By: SurveilStar Inc. From USA


Spector360 is a desktop application that helps in monitoring user activities over a web based platform.

By: SpectorSoft Corp. From USA

Pearl Echo.Suite

Pearl Echo.Suite is a web URL filtering and a tracking activity software that keeps track of multiple office workstations.

By: Pearl Software, Inc. From USA


Workexaminer is a client and a server based application that keeps track of an employee’s activities.

By: EfficientLab LLC. From USA

Browser Reporter

Browser Reporter is an internet based employee tracking software that silently works without even letting an individual know of its spy mechanism.

By: Codework Inc From Canada

Employee productivity goes a long way in determining the overall efficiency of the organization. The way in which employees utilize their time at work enables organizations to build better operations and processes. Often employee productivity as a parameter can go unnoticed in modern-day organizations. That is primarily due to the emergence of automated processes that make the most mundane jobs easy. However, employee productivity as a parameter for judging the overall productivity is as relevant today as it was two decades ago. But the issue that comes to mind when we talk about employee productivity is the approach to measuring it.

What is the issue with employee productivity?

Often organizations find themselves wanting for help when it comes to employee productivity. While some give their employees a free-hand and trust them to the core, others go for crude options such as micro-management. Frankly, both are extremes and do not yield any desirable results. And ultimately, both end up creating more problems for the company. Organizations need to strike a fine balance between the two measures, and that is where the solution to the problem lies. Organizations can make use of employee monitoring software to track various activities of their employees and help them manage their time at work.

What features do employee monitoring software offer?

Employee monitoring software tools address the problem of employee productivity holistically and reduce delays occurring due to inefficient employees. These software tools track various facets of an employee’s online activities and raise the alarm to the higher management on finding anything suspicious or malicious. They also come equipped with the feature of randomly capturing screenshots, thereby making it easy for the organization to impose random checks. The other exciting part about these software tools is that it enables users to track employee time on various projects and tasks. Options like these give the user a comprehensive view of the processes going on in the organization and detect inefficiencies.

What makes modern-day employee monitoring software tools different?

Employers for long have used covert methods and tools to track their employees’ activities. While organizations have found this to be feasible, it has been criticized by many as an attempt to spy on their employees and hinder them from working freely. Modern-day employee monitoring software tools significantly differ in this aspect. They strike the right balance between transparency and efficiency. These modern tools come with options that allow employees to access their tracking data and enable them to improve their time management skills. Apart from employees, the tracking data is shared with the manager and upper-level management, with confidentiality maintained at all times.

The gist of it

Apart from the tracking options, these software tools also offer convenient reporting options that enable organizations to fetch regular reports. Additionally, a dedicated API is also provided by these tools that enable easy integrations with other applications and tools. When it comes to employee monitoring software tools, the degree of usage determines their effectiveness rather than their feature list. Almost all the modern-day employee monitoring software tools come equipped with all the above-mentioned features, and their degree of application is what makes the difference.