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OcenAudio is a free audio editing tool created and developed by the research group at Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil. The development of this software started when the research group needed an audio editing software that can be operated easily with multiple file format support, audio signal generation, and spectral analysis. Then, the development of this software continues and makes the way for the software to be available for the public, which users can download and use for free.

Effect Preview In Real Time

Many audio editing tools, especially the free version, don’t include the real-time effect preview feature in their software. In fact, they only allow you to review the effect that you have applied to your audio. With OcenAudio, the effects that you want to apply can be previewed before you apply it. In this way, you can see whether the effect is good or not without having to apply it to your audio file. If the effect is not good in your preview, then you can preview other effects to see a better result. You can preview various audio effects, including filtering, gain, and equalizer.

Support For Multiple Platforms

Again, when compared to other similar software that is only available in Windows, this software stands out from the crowd with its availability for multiple platforms. You can use this software on Windows, Mac, and Linux machines, with a simple installation process. The good thing about it is that you can have almost the same experience when using this software in any platform that you choose. In other words, you can use this software on Windows, and you won’t feel any difference when you switch to the Mac OSX or Linux version. All features are also available for all versions of the software.

Spectrogram With Full Features

The spectrogram is always a part of a good audio editing software, but the problem is that not all audio editing tools may include the fully featured spectrogram in their software. With OcenAudio, you can use the fully featured spectrogram in your audio editing process. Aside from the spectrogram view of your audio files, it also offers the waveform view for your files for easier editing. With the spectrogram view, you can clearly see various aspects of your audio files, and you can edit your audio with more clarity this way. Also, there are various options that you can change in the Settings area of the spectrogram.

Easy Editing For Large Audio Files

Not many audio editing software can support the editing of large audio files. But, with this software, you can edit large audio files without any trouble at all. Moreover, it allows you to edit your large files efficiently, which means that you don’t need to go through various complicated steps just to do that. You can do it easily, and quickly as well. Also, while editing large audio files, you don’t need to worry that this software may waste big resources on your computer. It has an advanced memory management system that ensures that it doesn’t waste any resources of your computer despite a lot of processing power that you might need to edit large audio files with high quality.

Support For VST Plugins

VST plugins, or plugins for Virtual Studio Technology, has been a part of audio editing for a long time, and OcenAudio fully supports these plugins to be used with the software. With these plugins, you can add various effects to your audio files and apply various audio mixtures for your main audio as well. You just need to simply find the VST plugin that you need to enhance the features of the software, and install the plugin from the software interface. It is an easy and quick process.


OcenAudio is a free audio editing tool that feels like a premium audio editing software offered by reputable audio software developers. Yes, this software offers various premium features that you can use for free, and it also has a very good performance for processing large audio files. With this software, you can do many things with your audio files, including adding effects, apply filters, process large files, add VST plugins, preview effects in real time, view your audio with spectrogram, and more. There is no reason for you not to try this software if you are in need of a good and reliable audio editing software for your regular use.

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