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Optimizely is a privately held company founded in the year 2010 & headquartered at San Francisco. Their product Optimizely is basically an efficient one optimization platform for the websites and different mobile apps. It is a tool that offers A/B & multivariate testing along with split testing and it also enables users with and without technical expertise to make some really dynamic and productive changes to their websites. With the help of this you can test the variations to live traffic and can also easily gather immediate results. With Optimizely it is very easy to set up tests that only need very basic changes to a webpage. It also lets you view the results of an experiment in quite a straight forward way as it includes a chart that effectively tracks the conversion rate of any goal accurately.

A/B Testing

Optimizely offers one of the most simplified A/b testing that includes a simple way to test different changes that are done to your page against the current design and then helps in determining which one will more productively optimize the conversion of website. This method is efficiently used for validating that any new design or change to an element on your webpage is increasing the conversion rate of your website before you make that change to the code of your website. Optimizely also offers simple yet powerful A/B testing for the mobile apps. It optimizes everything with faster iteration as it makes visual changes to your apps in real time and it is also compatible with both iOS and Android. A/B testing takes the guesswork out and hence with a realistic approach it offers reliable optimization.

Split Testing

Optimizely is an application that lets creating, reporting and running of the split tests quite easily as it allows for the variations to be targeted at specific groups of visitors, with the help of which it delivers a more personalized and tailored experience. Basically by using split testing it properly conducts different controlled and randomized experiments with the aim of improving website metrics like clicks, purchases or form completions. Optimizely competently distributes the incoming traffic to the website in between the original control and customized variations without letting visitors understand that they are acting as a part of an exclusive experiment. By using this mode of testing web experience of visitors is improved and hence this can be frequently used to test changes of websites.

Multivariate Testing

Multivariate testing offered by Optimizely helps you when multiple elements of the same page are changed in tandem for improving a single conversion goal. It is such a competent mode of testing as if it will be executed properly then there will be no any need to run different A/B test on the same page for achieving same objective. Optimizely lets you find out the perfect combination of variations out of all the possible combinations that can perfectly optimize the conversion of your website. Different types of multivariate tests that are quite perfectly performed by Optimizely are the testing of text and visual elements of any webpage simultaneously, testing of text and color of a CTA button, or testing of number of form fields & CTA test simultaneously and so many more.

Optimizely for E-Commerce

For e-commerce Optimizely offers one of the most effective solutions as it captures real time customer insights that help in optimized conversions. It provides one-click integration with Google analytics or SiteCatalyst, etc. and it also optimizes your entire conversion funnel. It also includes WYSIWYG editor, for which there is no any need of coding to build test variations. Optimizely incorporates real tine reporting tools and dashboards along with world class support and resources for effective training and guaranteed implementation. For e-commerce Optimizely includes fast and reliable tools and technologies that further offer custom java script, HTML and CSS. With the help of all this, it conveniently optimizes your revenue by fulfilling your custom conversion goals aptly.


The platform helps you in optimizing the conversion by increasing clicks and sales with the help of insights that the product provides. It is advisable for anyone who is looking to improve their website’s performance as it comprises easy and effective techniques of tracking. With Optimizely you only need to copy and paste one line of JavaScript code on all the different pages of your website that you want to run the experiment on and hence you can easily start your tracking. It offers more options for running behavioral targeting tests and it also provides better integrated options for the experts comprising different options for multi page testing. It is definitely worth for optimized conversion of your website thanks to its easy, effective and advanced working methodologies.

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