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By: Retina-X Studios, LLC.

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PhoneSheriff is a mobile parental control app created and developed by Retina-X Studios, LLC, a software company founded in 1997 and based in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. Before focusing on developing various monitoring software, the company was known as a web consulting and design company. With PhoneSheriff, the focus of the company is to help parents monitor their children’s behavior with their mobile devices online, and provide adequate protection system to control their device use.

Block Websites And Apps According To Your Preferences

Your children can easily access any websites through their mobile browser, and in so doing, they might get exposed to various bad content online. PhoneSheriff takes care of this problem by allowing you to block the websites and apps that you consider bad for your kids. So, if you have specific websites and apps that you don’t want your children to use, you can use the filtering option on this software to block those websites and apps. Also, you can block websites according to the category of your choice. For instance, since there are too many pornographic websites available online, you can just block all pornographic websites using this feature. In this way, you don’t need to manually block each website one by one.

Set The Time Limit For The Device Use

If you give your children their own smartphone or tablet device, it doesn’t mean that you allow them to use those devices irresponsibly. Without any restriction, your children can easily spend too much time to use those devices, without regard to their own responsibilities. If they are a student, they might miss their homework due to being too focused on playing games with their smartphone or tablet. This software allows you to set the time limit for each device use, so that your children can only be allowed to use their mobile device for a specific time period.

Lock Your Devices At A Certain Time

The problem with children, especially teenagers, is that they spend too much time playing with social media. Sometimes, they forgot to sleep just to watch some YouTube videos at night. PhoneSheriff makes sure that you can control the device use of your children in various ways. One of the ways is to lock your devices at a certain time period. For instance, when it comes for your children to sleep, you can set the device lock function to prevent your children from using their mobile devices starting at 9 PM to 6 AM. This gives them time to sleep, rather than to play with their devices.

Monitor The Location Of Your Mobile Devices

Thanks to the GPS function that is available on each smartphone or tablet, now you can easily pinpoint your location using your device. The good thing about this software is that it helps you to monitor the location of your devices anytime. In other words, wherever your children take their smartphone or tablet, you know their location in real time. So, no matter how far away your children from you, you can still control their device use and know exactly where they are. Then, you can pick them up at their location if needed.

Web-based Control Panel Login

The control panel area of PhoneSheriff can be accessed from any web browser that you have. So, it doesn’t matter what devices that you use, you still be able to monitor your children’s online activities via any browser. With the web-based control panel login, you can monitor your children from anywhere, apply any changes to your parental control preferences any time, and know the location of your children in real time. The login is securely protected with high quality encryption, which means that only you can log into the control panel and apply the necessary changes to your protection settings.


When it comes to finding the right parental control system and internet filtering app for your mobile devices, PhoneSheriff provides the features that you need. Since children nowadays prefer to use their smartphone or tablet to do their online activities, it is only natural that as a parent, you use the tool that helps you to protect their online activities all the time. With various parental control features, such as website and app blocking, location monitoring, social media tracking, and more, this software can help you to keep your children safe in their online activities, and allow you to change the parental control preferences anytime that you need via the web-based control panel.

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