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Portfoliobox is a portfolio website builder tool operated by Portfoliobox Stockholm AB, a company based in Stockholm, Sweden. The main focus of the company is to help photographers build a home for their photos online, so that they can showcase, share, and sell their photos to their audience. It can also be used as a place to securely store and manage your photos online.

Easy Photo Upload

Portfoliobox provides four on-site tools to upload your photos, which include HTML Uploader, JavaScript Uploader, Java Uploader, and Flash Uploader. It also offers other convenient upload tools, such as FTP Uploader and iOS Uploader. You can easily import your photos from Facebook and Picasa, as well as allow your website visitors to upload their own photos via the guest uploading feature. The desktop application is available for easier access and management of your photos. The maximum file size allowed for each photo is 48 MB, while the maximum file size for each video is 10 GB.

Photo Protection and Security

With Portfoliobox, your photos are securely protected in the way you want. For instance, you can set the permission for your photo albums and password-protect your albums. You can protect your original photos with passwords so that other people cannot edit your photos and overwrite the original photos. You can also create unlimited watermarks for your photos in order and disable print ordering. The security protection can be set to prevent your visitors from accessing certain photos with certain file sizes. You can also limit your visitors’ access to your videos, allowing them only to view your videos in lower resolution.

Photo Website Customization

The service allows you to build a portfolio website that is fully customizable, allowing you to use your domain name, add header and footer, and create custom pages. There is no necessary coding skill required for you to customize your website themes, with various themes and layouts to choose from. You can also add custom CSS and HTML head tags if you want to do some advanced customizations in your website. Navigational links can be customized in the home page and the footer area, and you can insert links in your photo or album descriptions. Moreover, with the available text editor, you can style your text in your descriptions.

Photo Selling

The business package offered by Portfoliobox allows you to turn your portfolio website into an e-commerce website for your photos. You can sell your merchandise and printed photos via your website with your own pricing. Aside from that, you can also sell digital downloads of your photos and videos with various licensing options that you can adjust for yourself, with customizable download options. You can also create various promotional materials for your photos and videos, by creating discount coupons. You can withdraw your profits anytime and generate sales reports for your e-commerce business to assess the performance of your business.


Portfoliobox allows you to create a portfolio website to manage all of your photos and videos, as well as showcase and sell your works to your audience. The easy photo upload feature provides various ways for you to upload your photo, with file size limitation. There is also a desktop version of Portfoliobox that allows you to easily manage your photos from your desktop. The photo protection and security feature allows you to protect each of your photo and limit access to your photos and videos by setting permissions for individual photos or albums.

The photo website customization feature allows you to customize your portfolio website in the way you want, with a lot of customization options available, with no coding knowledge necessary. Lastly, the photo selling feature allows you to sell your photos and videos easily from your website, as well as withdraw your profits anytime. 

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