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Pressable was founded in 2010 in San Antonio, Texas. This company was formerly called ZippyKid, but then it got re-launched as Pressable in 2013. The company was founded as a response to many people’s problems in adjusting their WordPress websites with their web hosting service providers. Pressable provides the technology necessary to optimize their WordPress websites, with various features that are not commonly available in regular web hosting plans.

Primary Focus on Performance

With the primary focus on delivering the best performance for any WordPress site, Pressable is capable of making your website smoother and lightning fast. The technology behind this lies in its capability to optimize your WordPress installation to the best optimization setting possible, which will allow it to run smoothly and load quickly, no matter how content-heavy your WordPress site is.

Traffic Scaling

Traffic scaling will allow your WordPress site to withstand the surge of sudden traffic that comes from popular websites. So, if your site is being featured in the most popular websites on the internet, your site will always be up and running at full speed, no matter how big the traffic is. So, instead of crashing the server, traffic scaling technology will provide the best traffic optimization for your WordPress site.

Automatic Updates for WordPress Installation

With the automatic update feature, your WordPress installation will always be secure and up to date, without hassle. You don’t need to manually update your WordPress installation and security features whenever they are available for download. Instead, it will be done automatically every time any update for WordPress is ready to be installed.

Free Nightly Backup

Some hosting providers will charge you additional fees for the automatic backup feature, but Pressable will provide free nightly backup for your convenience. It means that your site will automatically be backed up to the server every night, and you can always restore your site later whenever you need it. This will prevent any possible problems and damages that can happen with your site due to various reasons.

Built-in Content Delivery Network

Every hosting account that you create with Pressable will include a free CDN (Content Delivery Network) to ensure stable data transmission between the server and your visitor’s device anywhere and anytime. This will enable you to deliver your content anywhere in the world without problem.

Security from Malware

Sites that are hosted on Pressable network will always be free from malware intrusion, since the system will provide automatic scanning and removal of malware every night. The system will also check your site integrity with intrusion detection system that will keep your site up and running securely.

Full WordPress Optimization

Due to this hosting provider being specifically designed for WordPress, you will be able to fine-tune your WordPress site in the best way possible. That is because Pressable has a server-side optimization feature that ensures your WordPress site configured for the best performance.

Testing Environment

Pressable provides an environment for you to change or update your WordPress site without affecting your current live site. You can make any necessary changes to your WordPress site and test it on the testing environment before you really apply it to your live site. The testing environment will not affect the experience of your site visitors, and it will not affect your current live site until you decide to apply the changes.


WordPress is currently the best and most popular technology for web publishing. Whether you want to create a blog or a regular website, WordPress is the answer for your needs. However, WordPress is constantly evolving, and thus, you need a reliable hosting provider to adapt to the changes in WordPress technology.

Pressable offers features tailored specifically for WordPress, which are not available in any regular shared web hosting services.

Pressable is one good WordPress hosting provider that is worth to try, with its many features that are tailored to your WordPress needs. Though the price might be more expensive than regular hosting providers, this is a considerable investment to keep your site up and running with the best performance, which means that you can always run your business without the hassles of working with the technical aspects of your WordPress site.

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