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By: Goversoft

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Privazer is a free PC cleaner tool combined with a privacy protection tool that is created and developed by Goversoft LLC, a software company founded in 2012 and based in Lewes, Delaware. The company believes that anyone should get the security protection that they need for free, especially in regards to privacy. The company focuses on creating applications and software that can help the users to protect their security and privacy, as well as improve their PC performance.

Secure Cleanup With One Click

Privazer has a handy feature that allows you to securely clean your PC in just a single click. This cleaning procedure is irreversible, and it can delete all of your activity history on your PC quickly. There are many aspects of your PC that you can clean with this feature, such as internet browsers, cookies, application cache, registry, page file, RAM, software use, and more. It also cleans up the traces left by your deleted files, so that these files are completely erased forever from your system. This is the process that is done securely by this software, so you don’t need to worry about losing any important data while doing this.

In-depth Cleanup For More Thorough Cleaning

If you think that the standard cleaning procedure is not enough for you to protect your privacy, this software offers an in-depth cleanup procedure, which allows you to perform a more thorough cleaning process for your PC. Your PC and all the storage devices that you have installed can be cleaned up thoroughly with this operation. This software also has the smart overwriting feature, which is a feature that allows the software to detect your storage devices and adapt the overwriting process based on your storage types. It’s the same operation as the regular cleanup, only that it erases more traces of activity from your system.

Privacy Protection Feature

Privazer is not just a regular PC cleanup tool that only works on cleaning up some registry entries and freeing up some files on your recycle bin. It is a powerful privacy protection software that helps you to keep your PC activity as discreet and private as possible. This software cleans every trace of your PC activity, including browsing and regular PC use, and then ensures that no one else can recover your tracks. Thus, this software gives you the security that you need in your computing activities, without having to worry that somebody may find what you have done on your PC before.

Delete Files Permanently

Most of the time, deleting your files normally through the recycle bin doesn’t actually delete your files from your PC. Often, the traces of your files are still present in your system, and anybody can easily recover your deleted files using a good data recovery software. The good thing about this software is that it can delete your files permanently from your hard drives. It means that you don’t need to worry that someone may try to recover your deleted files later. It’s a complete privacy solution for your system, which allows you to erase the files that you no longer need permanently from your system.

Improve PC Performance Significantly

Aside from allowing you to clean your PC securely and thoroughly, as well as protecting your privacy, there is something else that Privazer can do for you. This software can help to improve your PC performance significantly. This is actually the side effect that you can enjoy if you can manage to delete all the clutters that have been lingering on your PC for a long time. In this way, your PC works way better than before, and you can ensure that you don’t experience any problems related to PC performance, such as lagging, freezing, and slow software execution.


Privazer is an advanced PC cleaner tool that can help you to clean your PC from various clutters, as well as traces that can be dangerous for your privacy. Moreover, this software can also help you to improve your PC performance as well, allowing you to work easier and faster with your PC. Most PC cleaner software doesn’t offer the features as complete as this software. With the free price tag, you can enjoy a better security, privacy, and performance with your PC. This is the kind of software that you need if you seek for more than just a cleaning tool for your PC, but something that can protect your activity with your PC as well.

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