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By: Qustodio LLC.

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Qustodio is an internet filtering and parental control application created and developed by Qustodio LLC, a software company based in California, USA, and Barcelona, Spain. The focus of the company is to help users protect their family, school, and business from any inappropriate internet usage that may contribute various negative effects for the children or employees. With various features offered by Qustodio, the users can ensure that they have the full control of the device usage of their children and employees.

Location Tracking And Panic Button

There are two features that are not usually included in a parental control app or an internet filtering app. Usually, parental control software is only focused on internet filtering and blocking of content that is inappropriate for children. However, Qustodio offers features that allow you to track the location of your children using this software. No matter in which mobile device that this software is installed, you can see the location of your children in real time. Moreover, there is a panic button that allows them to call for your help whenever there is any trouble that they experience. Coupled with the location app, you can pinpoint the location of your children immediately when they use the panic button.

Call And SMS Blocking

This software helps to monitor the call and SMS on your children’s devices. It can track from where the call and SMS are originated, and it allows you to block certain numbers from calling or sending SMS to your children. It is important in today’s modern age in order to protect your children from communicating with people that are not good for them. This is the feature that is available on the Android platform, and it allows you to completely track and monitor your children’s communication. Listening to calls and reading the SMS that your children are receiving can be done using this software.

Games And Apps Blocking

Sometimes, children, or even employees, are using their time too much to play games with their devices. Or, there are some unproductive apps that they might use every day, which contribute to their laziness and slacking. With Qustodio, you can block any games and apps that you consider disturbing for your children or employees. In this way, they cannot access the blocked games or apps without you knowing about it. You can put a time restriction for this blocking, so that you can set when your children are allowed to use these apps and for how long.

Basic Protection With Advanced Facebook Monitoring

This software offers basic protection features like the ones offered in various parental control or internet filtering software. This software allows you to protect your children from accessing the websites that are inappropriate for them. For instance, websites that contain pornographic content, or websites that have too many profanities featured in it. Also, it comes with Facebook monitoring, which allows you to see everything that your children are doing on Facebook. You can see their status updates, friends, who they are talking to, and how they communicate with other people on Facebook. This is useful to control their Facebook usage and prevent them from dealing with bad people on social media.

Extended Reporting

Without any good reporting system, a parental control or internet filtering software is not good enough for you. Fortunately, Qustodio offers a good reporting feature that allows you to see the extended reporting of your device usage. Thus, with this reporting system, you can see what your children or employees are doing with their devices in the last 30 days. You can review whether they are using social media too much, whether they are contacting some people often, or whether they waste their time with their devices too much by simply taking a look at your reports.


Qustodio is a good internet filtering and parental control system that you can install on many devices, including computers, mobile devices, Kindle, and Nook. This way, you can protect your family from various inappropriate content online, and control their device usage to ensure that they stay productive. This software is also available for school and business, meaning that you can also use this software to control the device used by your students and employees as well. The features offered by this software are complete and thorough, allowing you to control various aspects of your device usage. In conclusion, this is a recommended software that you can reliably use to protect your children online.

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