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Rhino Support is a customer support system created by in 2011. The service has been generating a lot of recommendations from the users due to its affordable pricing plan, with the option to add unlimited agents in their pro and platinum plans.   

Ticket Management In One Click

Rhino Support allows easy management for your support tickets, with only one click. In this way, every support ticket that you receive can be assigned to a customer service agent in just one click. Also, you can view the support tickets that you have received based on their subjects, as well as set the priority for each of them. This will allow easy management for all incoming support tickets that you receive from your customers.

Easy Setup

This support software is very easy to set up, and you can get started using it in just a few minutes after you sign up into the service plan of your choice. Since it is a web-based customer support software, you will be able to integrate it with your website very easily, without the need to install anything. Once you’ve signed up to the plan of your choice, you can add new departments, add new support agents, fill up your company information, as well as putting “Support” tab on your website easily.

Ways to Communicate

Rhino Support provides features that will give you the simplest and easiest way to communicate with your customers. You can communicate with them via email, chat, or create your own knowledge base so that your customers can seek help for themselves before asking your help. With this software, it’s all about simplicity. Thus, you will not be bothered with unnecessary features that you will end up not using later.

Support For Multiple Websites

With the platinum plan, you will be able to manage up to 5 websites, with unlimited agents, at no additional cost. This will allow you to get a simple support system for all your websites in one account. Thus, you will be able to manage all your websites in one control panel, giving the best efficiency in your work in dealing with your customers.

Quicken The Process Of Response

If you receive hundreds of support tickets per week or even per day, you can quicken the process of your response with the features provided in Rhino Support software. You will be able to join multiple tickets that have related or same questions and provide one response to all of them. Also, if you receive the same question over and over, you can just use a canned response in order to give the fastest response time, as well as to save your time so that you can quickly help other customers.

Spam Filter

This software will allow you to filter spam messages that go through your customer support team so that it will not slow down your work. Spam messages can often decrease your productivity, and thus, you will need to filter them even before you read them. The software will allow smart filtering for spam messages that will keep your inbox clean from junk messages that you will only end up deleting later. You will be able to deal only with messages from your real customers.


The biggest advantage that you can get with Rhino Support is the affordable pricing plans which allow you to add unlimited number of agents into your support team. With features geared toward simplicity, easiness, and efficiency, Rhino Support is a good help desk software that you can use to respond to your customers’ inquiries fast. It is also quick to set up and fully brandable, which means that you can get started in using this software as quickly as possible, with your business’ brand name.

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