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By: SwissMadeMarketing GmbH From Switzerland

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SECockpit is a keyword research software launched by SwissMadeMarketing GmbH, an online marketing company based in Berne, Switzerland. The company focuses on producing various internet marketing solutions for businesses, which help them search for profitable keywords, build professional websites, analyze their website ranking, spy on their competitor’s backlinks, and measure their online marketing success.

Cloud-based Keyword Research Tool

One of the biggest advantages of SECockpit is that you do not need to install any kind of software in order to start using it. It is cloud-based, meaning that you can access and use this tool from any browser or mobile device. By creating an account with SECockpit, you can start accessing the software by using the web interface, or you can install the mobile app and use the software on the go. The mobile app has similar features like the web-based platform.

SEO Campaign Management

The SEO campaign management feature within the SECockpit software allows you to get things done more quickly. You don’t need to manually set up your campaign. If you don’t know what you need after you have done with your keyword research process, you do not need to worry. This software gives you a simple to do list to guide you through the ranking process of your website. In this way, you can avoid losing your direction in this process. The software helps to manage your campaign and track the progress on a regular basis.

Better Keyword Research Data

SECockpit provides full keyword analysis data for each keyword within the top 10 search result. The data provided by SECockpit include backlink counts, PageRank analysis, on-page optimization, and more. You do not need to rely on the false data that are based on assumptions and estimates. With this software, the data provided are based on real-time and accurate information. You can understand fully about the reason why those websites can rank well on the search engine, which helps you to follow their success or even outdo them.

Faster Keyword Research Process

SECockpit allows you to find profitable keywords quickly, in a few clicks. Within seconds, you can get a lot of highly profitable keywords within the software interface. The keywords can be used for various purposes. The software allows you to get the perfect keywords for AdSense if you are running a website with AdSense as the primary monetization method. The software also allows you to find buying keywords in any niche, which is useful if you are selling or promoting any product within your website.

New Business Opportunities

Not only you are able to find profitable keywords for your current niche, you can also find many overlooked keywords that can become new business opportunities for you. It is because SECockpit not only obtains its keyword data from the Google AdWords tool, but it also obtains the keyword data from Google Suggest as well as Google related search terms.


There are three main pricing plans offered in this software: the personal plan which allows up to 10 keyword searches per day, the pro plan which allows up to 50 keyword searches per day, and the agency plan which allows unlimited keyword searches per day.

SECockpit is a cloud-based keyword research tool that you can access from any device, which gives you the maximum flexibility and mobility to search profitable keywords on the go. Aside from the various features that it offers to the users, SECockpit also provides complete support and training materials that you may need to help you get started in your effort to rank your website well in the search engine. The three pricing options provided by SECockpit are suitable for any size of business, whether you are a business person or whether you need to use the software in your company or agency.

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